Let’s Give it Our All!


First and foremost, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

These are trying and uncertain times. Most of you are likely reading this from home instead of from your trailer, dog show grounds, or office. You may not have seen dog show friends and clients—or even family and friends—face-to-face for some time. While it’s essential that we adopt new ways of interacting to protect the health of our communities, doing so can bring moments of unease and isolation. Many people are in need and looking for support and love from someone who is willing to listen.

I want you to know that your colleagues at Showsight are here to help. If there is anything that you need or if you know of someone who is struggling, please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 512-541-8128 aj@aramediagroup.com or our Main Office at 512-686-3466. If we can’t help we will do everything in our power to find someone who can. We are doing everything we can to help, from assisting those in financial need to figuring out how we can hold more dog shows.

I have to admit that for those of us here at Showsight, the last 90 days haven’t been easy. But with the help of our clients and partners, we’ve so far managed to assist over 1,000 people in our community. Today, we are in conversations with a few companies that know of our community but haven’t been approached to join us. I have to say that we are very close to making deals that could bring them into our community while at the same time provide more funds to distribute to those in need.

How about The Learning Cluster that took place on June 27-30th in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with 4,800 entries across four days? Wow! I’ve never felt more proud and secure to be part of this community as I am now and here is why:

People were more respectful at this cluster than at previous shows. Ladies and Gentlemen, our community has spoken and the message is clear: “WE WILL FOLLOW ALL GUIDELINES AND RULES IN ORDER TO HAVE MORE DOG SHOWS.”

I am only pleading for one thing from every single club. Please give it your all not to cancel your show. Shows should not be canceled just because shows were canceled in a different area. Each location deserves its own research conducted before the decision is made to cancel or “go on with the show.”

Without careful consideration, the cancellations are doing a disservice to our community. I am not saying that clubs aren’t doing their best, but I am just making sure to remind every- one how important it is to truly work smarter and harder than we ever have for everyone in our community. Still to this day, I have not heard one single person tell me that they don’t understand why so many shows have been canceled. But over and over I have heard, “Covid-19 isn’t going away for a while so we must learn how to have shows.” Honestly, I 100% agree. We must learn how to hold shows safely again. I think this is the least we owe to our community. We are one big family and we can’t stop until we find solutions to have dog shows that are safe for everyone. I urge every club to reach out to their venues to determine their plans for holding events. Reach out to AKC for advice. Mr. Dennis Sprung, President of AKC, has

written a beautiful message that appears on page 42 of this edition.

Remember, we are not doing ourselves and our community a favor by trying to wait this thing out. We must act now. If the decision is still not to have a show, then so be it. At least we can proudly say that we gave it our all.





The Dog Show Magazine Est 1992

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