Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic Sheepdogs are one of the 50 or so northern breeds from around the world classified as spitzes. The breed’s “spitziness” is expressed by a dense coat, foxy face, pointed ears, and a bushy, curling tail. Icelandics, standing no higher than 18 inches at the shoulder, are just under what we’d consider medium sized. They come in several predominant colors, always accompanied by white markings. An endearing trait is the facial expression: friendly, happy, always looking as though there’s no place they’d rather be than with you.

World Premiere | Virtual International Icelandic Sheepdog Show

ENJOY THE SHOW–CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! When their National Specialty show was cancelled due to COVID-19 the amazing Icelandic Sheepdog community brought together owners from around the world to celebrate their beloved breed! Their humorous, fun-filled approach is truly ...