Silky Terrier

Silky Terriers (or Silkys) are 10-inch-tall dynamos animated by curiosity and high spirits. The glorious blue-and-tan coat is straight and glossy, and it feels and behaves much like human hair. The wedge-shaped head is topped by profuse hair parted down the middle, and erect V-shaped ears draw attention to the keen, piercing expression of the almond-shaped eyes. Silkys are more refined than typical ratting terriers, but they should still look and behave like a true earthdog.

Where Did Silky Terriers Come From?

Here is a thorough account of where the Silky Terrier came from. It starts with the Yorkie, and way before that too. YORKIE BEGINNINGS Although it may seem to some that the Yorkshire Terrier sprang ready-made to life, he was ...