From The Editor Emeritus – Dog People Did That

Letter From The Editor Emeritus – Dog People Did This
From ShowSight Magazine – September 2017 Edition. Show Photos by Joe McGinnis

At the time I wasn’t sure why I took the photo, but it lends itself well to the thoughts I have today.

The images above and below, which I snapped in Santa Barbara, illustrate just one aspect of what we do. Taking a barren space and filling it with beauty, pageantry, love and laughter is part of the job of the working dog fancier. In this case, the clubs responsible for one of the sport’s iconic weekends are to be applauded for again this year giving us a great gift. Simi Valley and Los Encinos KCs, flanking the two-day Santa Barbara KC’s shows, provided bookends to the back-to-back magnificence that is SBKC. We’ll talk further about this event later in this issue; suffice it to say it was more than worth the trip.

And yes, Dog People Did That.

But what I want to talk about goes beyond the shows that we so enjoy. Unfortunately, at this time we’re seeing natural disasters affecting different parts of our country; Houston got slammed by Hurricane Harvey, and Hurricane Irma (followed closely by José) is looming, and threatening Florida. We’ll be off press before the latter resolves but our websites and social media sources will keep you up to date. AKC and TAKE THE LEAD have already pitched in, in Texas, and are standing by in the Sunshine State. I have also reactivated the Hurri-Canine Rescue that the late Duane Doll and I launched in ‘92 in response to Andrew and with the help of many volunteers we were able to assist over 500 dogs and cats and their people. Our thoughts go out to everyone and everything already suffering from Harvey’s wrath; our prayers ring out that Irma/José will be una alarma totalmente falsa.

Countless times in our history dog fanciers have linked arms to protect our own; it’s a never-ending source of gratification to all. And Yes, Dog People Did That. And yet there’s another thing we do and it’s perhaps our ultimate goal.

We compare breeding stock to plan the next generation in order to produce more—and better—of the same. And what does the product of our efforts provide? Our pups take a barren space, a lonely human heart, and fill it with beauty, pageantry, love and laughter. So it’s not just a dog show and not just a ribbon. Providing puppies for people to love and protecting these breeds is a service to humankind of which we should be proud. Because Dog People Did That. And if we didn’t, what a sad, empty life that would be for all. Thank God that Dog People Do That.

Good luck to all of us. Until next month, remember…ShowSight Magazine wishes you All The Best!




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