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From the JULY 2018 issue of ShowSight. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE. Photo July 2018 by Zell von Pohlman

Half Down, Half to Go…

We lead such fast-paced lives that by the time the first official day of summer arrives it feels like we’re halfway through it. In fact, our July issue always
marks the point where we think we’ve really got a bead on how the rest of the year will go. In the show rings, anyway; outside of that it’s
anybody’s guess.

The seasons run into one another quickly on our non-stop show circuits, and with the changing weather patterns these days one has to be prepared for anything. A few years back we went from bone-chilling cold to blistering hot in ten days—an that was all on the January Florida Circuit.

I’ve been asked what I think starts the summer shows, a date, a feeling, a temperature, whatever. I used to say it was when the upper midwest outdoor shows got grass; now I say it’s when the upper midwest outdoor shows get traction. More about upper Midwest shows in a bit.

One of the best things about my job is my final proof, the last step before we hit press, in which I first get to see the magazine start to finish intact. In the old days we had an actual printed document; these days and much more smartly, we do it in digital fashion but it’s still a thrill to see her finally come together cover to cover. I’m always especially delighted to see all the editorial in place. We here at ShowSight are especially proud of our team of opinion writers whose experience, expertise and style keep us applauding on a monthly basis. I thank you all.

And that reminds me of the thanks I always feel on this, my very favorite holiday, July Fourth. Our freedom to do what we love is only one tiny benefit of being an American. I think about the words, so impactful and uplifting, that we repeated each school day as children and so often other times since; they keep me proud and strong through thick and thin:

I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation

under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Happy Fourth of July to all.

Speaking of summer and upper midwest shows I have to tell you this in case you haven’t heard; it’s the wildest thing I’ve heard in all my years but I guarantee that it is totally, laughably, true.

On a bright shiny morning of a hot—perhaps hotter than we thought—upper midwest circuit, early arrivals to the dock diving setup were in for a surprise. It was early, it was already warm, and no one was ready for what to their amazed eyes should appear. For there, in the glorious sunlight, floating atop the pristine blue water of the dock diving pool, was, incredibly…

A lady’s brassiere.

On that note I’ll let you get back to your barbeque. We here at Aramedia Group, The Breeders’ Almanac, and of course ShowSight wish everyone cool shows and very hot wins. Until August, always remember: ShowSight Magazine wishes you all the Best! 



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