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The old proverb about the month of March hasn’t ever meant much to me. It’s been accredited to several sources and its meaning isn’t quite clear. Some say it refers to astrological signs in force at the month’s start and end. Others say that if the weather’s blustery on the first, it’ll be springtime and flowery on the last. (And almost all say that the reverse holds, too.) Like I said, I?never cared because I’m much too busy in March to heed such dumb predictions. There’s St. Patrick’s Day which, given my last name, has import; there’s St. Joseph’s Day which, given my first name certainly has a direct correlation to my daily demeanor anyways, and there’s my birthday, this year such a ponderous pair of digits that for the first time in my life I refuse to reveal their total. In any case, “out like a lamb” holds no interest to me. Everything I do, and we do here, is full-speed ahead, and onward and upward.

Always, also, in March we have numerous exciting shows. Claiming top headlines every year is the Kentuckiana Circuit with its enormous entries and marathon schedule. We’ll have full coverage of it and other events in April, but I predict another record-setting month. We’ve seen many changes in this top-draw cluster and it never shows signs of anything but positive growth.

You’ll also see, as you gaze through ShowSight’s March Issue, some subtle and not-so-subtlle changes we’ve adopted. Many are really quite trendsetting and all are for the continued improvement of what we feel is dogdom’s finest publication. This team is determined to  provide the very best to our fellow dog fanciers on a monthly basis in the publication you hold in your hand or you view on your digital device. Our distribution’s wider than ever and our dedication to our goal has never been stronger. Drop us a line, give us a call, grab us at a show; we welcome your thoughts and your suggestions; we’re always open to input and it’s also a great excuse to spend time, one on one, with you.

One thing that’s kind of fun this month is the custom portraits we’re now using for our great staff. This is an idea I concocted way back and never found a practical plan for its implementation. Enter AJ’s discovery, the talented Inesa Balic-Klicic who brought the idea to fruition. We thank her for her amazing work, although I’m told the reason my own picture was the last to be completed is that she kept running out of ink when trying to draw my entire nose.

You also see, in this issue, the first in a series of international visits in which we explore foreign countries’ contributions to the sport as a whole and to our bloodstock in particular. This month we celebrate Ireland, the timing of which of course was planned, and our goal is to have the magazine hit the street on St. Patrick’s Day. Regardless, the entertainment and educational value of the feature will be valid year round. Next month we go south of the border to take a look at Latin America.

But first and foremost we’re an American magazine and our main content will always be domestic. We’re not only saluting the sport here in the States, we’re fighting for its health and for a really strong future for that which we know so well and love. We’ll never stray from this, our original goal. Now over twenty-five years since inception, ShowSight is still working full time to ensure that you will be able to breed and show your dogs with legal protection and the legacy handed down to us through the ages from fanciers past.

Speaking of which, I?wanted to share one of my favorite poems with you, created by the uber-accomplished Morgan Dennis (1892—1960) whose illustrations are extremely well known but whose written work might be less so. Following is a portion, germane to this month and a treat to read:


I’m typically Irish and devil-may-care,

I’m wonderfully gentle and company rare—

And if you are skeptical, take a good look

At the chapter on me in the Kennel Club Book.

You’ll learn as a bird dog I cannot be beat,

That once you’ve trained me you needn’t repeat

Your teachings, that I am the kind who stays taught,

Unlike certain canines whose I.Q. is naught.

No gun dog is better in country that’s rough,

I’m quick on my feet and not easy to bluff,

I’m good in the open, I’m good in the briers—

In short I’m the type a real hunter requires.

So it it’s a bird dog you’re needin’, just buy me

And you’ll be delighted the first time you try me.

—Morgan Dennis

Ah, what pleasure this world we’re in brings to us on a daily basis. From our friends, and our shows, to our dogs by our sides we are so so lucky. In fact, one might say dog people enjoy the Luck of the Irish.

Top of the day to you. Today and every day, ShowSight Magazine wishes you All The Best.

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