MacLEDaux Dachshunds

Our client MacLEDaux Dachshunds, came to us at Showsight Creative never having had a website. Unlike many “first-timers” to websites however, they were definite about the look they wanted – a website that would play upon their Scottish heritage, family crest, and the dachshund breed.

We were able to create a website that incorporated all the colors of their family tartan plaid, family crest, photos of dachshunds at every stage of life, and video. By using the plaid as a color inspiration, we were able to base the entire color palette of all the pages off of it. The end result is a website that is visually appealing and showcases our client’s beautiful dogs in a regal setting.

Says Margaret from MacLEDaux, “Our story truly started in 1995 when, after a couple false starts, we purchased a brother and sister mini smooth from an established local show breeder. Their names were Mickey and Minnie Von Links MS. They introduced us to the world of dog shows and quality breeding. With just a little  time and experience, we found we had a natural affinity to the fancy and were hooked for life.

Since that time, we’ve been very fortunate to incorporate bloodlines from what we consider to be the top kennels in North America and the UK. By combining excellent representatives of the breed, we have become known for Dachshunds which are very sound, maintaining level toplines not only when stacked and posed, but during movement around the ring as well.

Many of our dogs are breeder/owner handled to their championships, but occasionally we’ve enlisted the aid of a few trusted friends and handlers to exhibit our Dachshunds out of our immediate area where majors may be a bit more plentiful.

We firmly believe that no breeder achieves success entirely on their own. We respectfully acknowledge all those breeders who provided the foundation on which our current lines are built, and we are so appreciative of the cooperation and trust forged with current friends and partners whose dogs and bloodlines you will see on this site. The breeders of Von Links, Von Raab, Caldwell’s, JoSkips, and T&E’s Dachshunds are represented in our dogs. We all encourage new and future enthusiasts to add their own unique vision to this wonderful breed.”

Learn more about MacLEDaux Dachshunds here:

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