Poodle Club Of America: A Visit With National Judges Jordan Chamberlain & Sharon Stevens


From the April 2019 Issue of ShowSight. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE.  (Above photos taken from the article "10 Things You Should Know Before Judging The Poodle", by Scott Wolfe, which appeared in the September 2017 Issue of Showsight.)

1. How many years in the breed?

2. How many years judging?

3. How many Varieties of Poodle have you kept?

4. Are you involved in any other breed?

5. Your first time judging at PCA?

6. What is the most positive aspect of a national specialty?

7. How do you feel about allowed trims?

8. Any trends you see in the show ring that you’d like to see stopped?

9. Any that you’d like to see encouraged?

10. Any pet peeves you can share?

11. And lastly, your favorite memory from PCA or from any time spent in Poodles. 


Jordan Chamberlain

I bred my first litter in 1973. I attended my first dog show with a Basenji in 1968. I have judges Poodles since 1992. I have had all three varieties, and certainly showed all three, but have primarily bred only Miniatures.

Am I involved in any other breed? I am student of many breeds, an admirer of many more. I do have a Brussels Griffon, he is my second one. Love this breed!

I judged PCA the first time in 2005. The 2019 assignment will be my fifth, four Nationals, one Regional. How many nationals have you attended? My first PCA was in 1973 while it was still held in Devon Pennsylvania. It is also among the most memorable for me. I can still recall who judged, and who won. I was dizzy with excitement! I have missed a few since then, but not many! 

The most positive aspect of a national specialty is the gathering and exchange of ideas and those we do not see often enough, and of course, the dogs!

How I feel about allowed trims: I think our trims are fine as they are.

Trends I see in the show ring that I’d like to see stopped is bad judges.

Trends I’d like to see encouraged are those who judge a breed consistently promoted.

A pet peeves I have is overdone Poodles! Our breed should be balanced, head to toe, on the move, everything balanced.

My favorite memory from PCA: I have to say that first one in 1973, all of my assignments (or even considerations) at PCA are memorable and a true honor. Another outstanding memory was PCA in 1987 when Ann Stevenson judged Miniatures. The BOV class was one of the most competitive that I can recall between two truly master handlers, Mark Shanoff and Barbara Humphries, who ultimately triumphed with the lovely Ch. Bar King Scintilla. 


Sharon Stevens

I have 50 years in the breed, I’ve judged five years and have had Toys, Standards, and a couple of Mini’s.

Have I been involved with other breeds: yes; over the years I have had Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Min Pins, Chinese crested, Japanese Chin, Bedlington Terriers, Afghans, Papillion, Pomeranians, and American Cockers.

This is my first time judging the PCA although I’ve attended nearly every year since the 1980’s .

I feel that The Poodle Club of America is the greatest Poodle show on Earth. A gathering each year of the best of the best from all over the world!

I love allowed trims, it’s distinctive of our breed and it is also historic.

Trends in the show ring I’d like stopped: I find that a lot of the newer judges are not as familiar or knowledgeable of our breed.

Trims I’d like to see encouraged: I think the allowing of the HCC Haircut for example, is a wonderful opportunity for the owner/ handler to present their poodle in the breed ring as well as obedience, agility, ect..

My pet peeve: I think that these days there are far too many shows.

In 2002 our toy poodle Champion Sharbelle Atom Seeker won Best of Varity (with Martin Gregory handling) and that same year our black toy bitch was winners bitch; which was our third winners bitch in a row!

Also so memorable, in 1995 was our best of winners win with the standard puppy bitch from the 9-12 class, Champion Sharbelle Kisses to Greg-Mar again with Martin, her co-owner handling. Her win was over 300 plus Standards. 

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