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GCHB Pouch Cove’s Livin’ On A Prayer


Monthly Columns

42 Table Of Contents

43 Cover Story

44 Showsight Salutes America

46 Showsight — From The Editor Emeritus Joseph Neil Mcginnis

48 Message From The Publisher Aj Arapovic

50 Lines From Linda Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

90 In Preservation We Trust Dan Sayers

110 Ringside Shots: Taconic Hills

114 Ringside Shots: Bucks County

120 Ringside Shots: Jersey Shore

134 On The Line By Bj Andrews

138 Becoming Jacquelyn Fogel

148 Aged Out, But Just Getting Started Dan Sayers Visit With Lydia Frey

150 Ringside Shots: Woofstock

Variety Group Feature

181 Showsight Celebrates Hounds

214 What’s A Hound? Caroline Coile

Breed Features

221 The Norwegian Elkhound

229 The Basenji

235 The Australian Terrier

253 The German Shepherd Dog

264 The Miniature Schnauzer

268 The Toy Fox Terrier

272 The Newfoundland

News & Information

278 Showsight In Circulation

280 Looking Back Through Linda’s Lens

284 Passages

285 Advertising & Subscription Rates

287 Coming Attractions

288 Index To Advertisers