The Current State of the Terrier Group

We asked the following questions to various experts involved with the breeding & showing of Terriers. Below are their responses, which are taken from the September 2019 issue of ShowSight. Click to subscribe


  1. Where do you live? How many years in dogs?
  2. At what age do you pick a show prospect? Have you ever made a mistake?
  3. How do you choose a Stud Dog? Phenotype, Genotype, Show Record, just general gut instinct?
  4. How do you place your pups? Is finding good homes easy or difficult?
  5. Is a win at a Specialty more important to you than a win at an all-breed show?
  6. Are there any overall trends in your breed that should be addressed before they get out of hand?
  7. Who was your mentor? What was the most valuable thing he/she taught you.
  8. What terriers of the past have impressed you the most? Please include (or direct us to) a photo if possible.
  9. Any other thoughts that you would like to share?
  10. And for a little fun, what’s the most humorous thing you’ve ever witnessed (or heard about) at a dog show?


Linda Baake Jarvis

I live in New Bern, North Carolina and have been in dogs for 36 years.

At what age do I pick a show prospect? First eight weeks and reevaluate at six months and one year. Have I made mistakes? Yes, I have sold prospective show dogs as a pet.

How do I choose a Stud Dog? Line breed, phenotype
and genotype.

Is a win at a Specialty more important to me than a win at an all-breed show? Of course, winning the breed at Montgomery is my proudest moment.

Are there any overall trends in my breed that should be addressed before they get out of hand? Fronts and movement.

Who was my mentor? Betty Hoisington, Eden Kennels, Memphis, Tennessee. The most valuable advice was to always breed
to improve.

The most humorous thing I’ve ever witnessed at a dog show? I saw a Rottweiler tied to a Portajohn so the owner could use the facilities, you can imagine what happened when a cute Poodle walked by.

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