Safari Pet Expo – Raising Awareness for Purebred Dogs

From the November 2018 Issue of ShowSight. Click to Subscribe.

The time where AKC was the authority in the dog community is starting to see a new light, not a positive light. With PETA, HSUS and Hollywood movies depicting our dog show community in a less than positive reputation, it is important to fight the marketing of these organizations. I have been involved in dog shows all my life and I proudly say I grew up in this sport, but even dog shows are changing. As a member of the Professional Handler Association and active breeder of merit, I find this battle to be a serious time for action. I have a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Marketing and Public Relations from The Ohio State University. I have been a board member for the last two years and currently the President for Central Ohio Kennel Club. I am also the showchair for Central Ohio Kennel Club at our fall cluster and our spring show weekend. In 2019 I am the showchair for the French Bulldog Club of America national specialty. My marketing background and dog show experiences makes it an easy fit for my next adventure. I have taken the initiative to help counter this negative publicity of dog shows and dog show community by designing a pet expo and grooming competition.

I am the sole owner of this pet expo and I have hired a professional marketing company to help take on this event. I would like the support of our purebred dog community to be able to show the general public how amazing this opportunity is to meet with established reputable breeders. Through my research many pet expos currently are geared to the “adopt don’t shop” mentality, this is the exact language designed to hurt our community. Therefor my pet expo will be focus around the many great competitions and events you can do with your dog, with the main focus as a meet and great with purebred breeders exhibit. We are not “anti rescue” in fact we proudly support a variety of breed rescue organizations, like breeders there are good and bad rescues as well. We want to work with rescue organizations that are supported by our purebred dog community to come to this event with us. With the backing and support of our dog show community, Safari Pet Expo will encourage us all to take a step back into the general public marketing. We are inviting all AKC All Breed clubs, local and national Breed clubs to host any AKC event or activity FREE of charge at the 2019 Pet Expo. Our goal is to show all the amazing things people can do with their dogs and have fun earning an AKC title along the way. Safari Pet Expo will also be working with other animal enthusiasts to provide the same educational experience for a variety of animals, we want this family friendly event to provide the network for all animal lovers!

I am starting my first Pet Expo in Columbus Ohio, this is where I am the showchair for two dog shows a year. I know our community and I know how to market to the general public. After my first Expo in 2019, I plan to expand with additional pet expo events throughout the country with the same focus and marketing strategy. I am starting to book the 2019 Expo for this format around the AKC event platform with the support of local AKC clubs. Hosting CGC testing, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving and a puppy match are just a few of the events our local community is signing up to put on at our first event August 16-17-18, 2019. I am thrilled to hear so many clubs wanting to be involved and I hope to welcome as many as we can!

I am seeking the support and sponsorships to help host this unique pet expo dedicated to our own community of dog lovers. The potential for clubs to work in one event to spotlight the world of purebred dogs will be the heart and soul of our event. Many clubs in the Ohio area are financially limited for these community opportunities, we are connecting that void for our community. I welcome all of you to reach out to me to participate and join us to help keep the purebred dog 
community alive! 


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