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Susan Link head photo

Susan Link | St. James Japanese Chin

Susan Link is the breeder behind St. James Japanese Chin. Read about the kennel's ...

Aly Bell with "Paul," one of her BallOFur Pomeranians

Aly Bell | BallOFur Pomeranians & Infiniti Japanese Chin

Aly Bell is the breeder behind BallOFur Pomeranians & Infiniti Japanese Chin. Read about ...

History of the Japanese Chin

Far Eastern traditions shroud the Japanese Chin's origin. Small dogs traveled the Silk Road ...

Japanese chin head photo

Japanese Chin VS. Sighthounds – A World Apart

After spending many years with Sighthounds, I stumbled upon this small, diminutive, single-coated Japanese ...

A Japanese Chin? In Performance?????

Read about the Japanese Chin that qualified for UKCs Total Dog Invitational with a ...

Japanese Chin standing on a rock on beach

The Japanese Chin Historically Speaking

Most historians agree, the Chin was first present in China; however, its long history ...

Japanese Chin Health

Japanese Chin Health

The Japanese Chin breed-specific list in the article represents the basic health screening recommendations. ...

Japanese Chin USA Breeders Thoughts

Japanese Chin USA Breeders Thoughts | One of the great truths regarding Japanese Chin ...

Japanese Chin | All HYPE but where’s the TYPE?

Mystery from Japan | Five Things You Never Knew About the Japanese Chin

I bet you thought this was going to be another article about Japanese Chin breed ...

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