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This month we’d like to share an email we sent last week to our Breeder contacts–to which we’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response. I am honestly humbled by the support and interest expressed to me in the numerous conversations I’ve had with so many in our community this week.

When they say it takes a village, I know we don’t have personal connections to everyone so I’m sending you this note in the hope that you will take a look and SHARE this opportunity with EVERY BREEDER you may know. I promise they will thank you for it!

will be publishing our FIRST-EVER commemorative BREEDER-KENNEL ISSUE which is sure to become a useful model for breed education.


  1. SHOWSIGHT’S August Print & Digital Magazine
  2. Our Breed Specific Digital Breed Magazines

Aramedia Group, publisher of SHOWSIGHT, Top Notch Toys, Ring-Ready, and other similar brands, has launched a digital breed magazine for EVERY SINGLE AKC-REGISTERED BREED. Each and every breed magazine includes expert articles written by accomplished breeders and judges as well as beautifully-designed advertisements for today’s kennels that feature notable dogs of the past and present, and up-and-coming puppies.

We’ve been connecting with Parent Club Board Members, Judges, Handlers, Breeders, and many others in the purebred dog community to consider all of the changes that must be made in our community to ensure a better present and future for our sport. One thing that we could all agree on is that we must protect and SHOWCASE OUR BREEDERS in the most effective way possible. Judges, especially, have told us that they would like to hear from individual breeders. If we are to expect a better future for purebred dogs, we must educate and promote our breeders like never before.

This is exactly what we will do!

Aramedia Group Inc, has invested heavily into launching our breed publications at no cost to any club or individual (exclusive of personal success stories). We hope that we are able to publish 100+ articles on each breed at no charge. (We will do it even if we receive zero advertisements.) Every individual breed magazine will be available online to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people at home and around the world who are interested in learning more about purebred dogs.

In our effort to promote purebred dogs through education, we are asking for your help:

  1. Would you give us a chance to design a special advertisement for your kennel in this special edition? Or could you please recommend another breeder(s) to us or share this letter with them? (It is crucial for us that we publish one or two RELEVANT BREED kennels-breeders in this next edition.)
  2. Would you like to connect with us about providing editorial-educational breed articles? Please feel free to share anyone’s name whom you feel would be a great source of breed education. (We must note that we will only accept articles submitted by breeders who are experienced and qualified to comment on your breed.)

If you would like to include a BREEDER-KENNEL AD in the August Edition of SHOWSIGHT, please note that it will appear in print and online during August and September, and in the individual breed magazine for the next 12 months. You will only be charged a one-time advertising fee of  $475 for a full-page, custom-built ad in which you may include up to 10 dogs. If you decide to add one or more pages, the cost is only $425 per page.

We understand that not everyone can afford an ad, so we are trying to do everything in our power to make it a possibility for you to celebrate your dogs or kennel in our breed magazines. (If you prorate $475 over a full-year, the cost is only $39.60 PER MONTH.) We are offering this latest deal because we want to be able to SHOWCASE YOU – A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER – as a way of promoting your commitment to the purebred dog community.

If you are unable to take part this time, please consider sharing this email with other reputable breeders. Then, when the time comes and you are ready, please call us and we will take care of you.


Step 1

Book Your Ad Placement

Please call Meegan, Ryan or Aj today or no later than Wednesday, July 28th. The deadline to make it in this Summer Breeders Edition is July 30th.

AJ Arapovic I Owner I 512-541-8128

Meegan Pierotti-Tietje I Customer Relationship Manager I 512-593-5517

Ryan Tepera I 870-723-0212


Step 2

Submit Ad Copy  

If you are unsure how to create the best kennel ad copy, we will help you. We’ve done thousands of kennel ads over the years, and this month alone we are working with breeders every single day.

What is interesting to note is that every single kennel ad is totally different. Some breeders will only showcase one photo and kennel name with a short list of bullet points, while others will showcase multiple dogs from the past as well as their current specials and promising puppies. Celebrating your accomplishments is extremely satisfying to us, and bringing your accomplishments to life through word and picture (and sharing it with everyone) is priceless.

Step 3


Our design team will take your ad copy and create a custom-designed showcase. We will email you a proof of the design, which you will review to let us know if you love it or if there are any revisions to be made. We will not print your ad until you say that you love it. If we have to go back-and-forth 15 times to get it to where you love it, we will. (On average, however, it only takes 2-3 revisions.)

Step 4


If we don’t receive your payment at the time of the booking, we will email you an invoice after you’ve approved your ad. You will be given a choice to pay online or have us take care of it over the phone. (We accept all payment methods, including PayPal.)

The BREEDER-KENNEL EDITION will be shared with ALL AKC and Canadian Judges, and many International Judges, Exhibitors, Clients, and Subscribers. (Our current subscriber list is 39,000+.)

SHOWSIGHT’s print edition will be available at all dog shows nationwide starting mid-August until late September.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and for your consideration of our offer.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

Yours faithfully,
The Place for Purebred Dogs with Purpose Since 1992


AJ Arapovic
CEO | Publisher
Call/Text: 512-541-8128

Ryan Tepera
Client Relationship Manager
Call/Text: 512-851-1256

Meegan Perotti-Tietje 
Client Relationship Manager
Call/Text: 512-593-5517