Indoor & outdoor shows… What’s good? What could be better?


What’s your #1 complaint with outdoor shows? Indoor shows? 

What do you think most clubs do extremely well?

Thank you to everyone who offered opinions on this month’s topic. The following is a selection of the responses. Want to voice your opinion to the fancy? Follow ShowSight’s Facebook page for the monthly question prompt!



Outdoor shows would be the grass not cut and the rough surface, which could cause a fall. Indoor shows would be people letting their dogs use the indoors as if it were the 
outdoors. —Bonnie Hale


Many clubs in Quebec prefer indoor shows because they don’t have to deal with temperature. I do prefer outdoor shows. I have dogs to be outdoors and have an outdoor breed. There is room, air and I can travel easily with my 
camping trailer. —Anonymous


Outdoor complaint: I wish there were more and the charges are often too high for camping. Indoors: the cement floor is hard, rings are too small, a lot of dust, it’s either freezing or too hot and some do not have enough room for exhibitors. —Anonymous


Outdoor shows? Not enough tenting in many cases. Make sure the grass is cut. Indoor shows? Double mats would be much safer for the larger dogs. Don’t allow crating by the rights, it can bother the other dogs. What I think most clubs do extremely well? They are volunteers and most try very hard to do a good job. 


Outdoor shows: attendees who don’t exercise courtesy and professional conduct, e.g. bringing young, untrained kids, even strollers to shows. Indoor shows: entrants who bring sick dogs, e.g. bortadella, flu, conjunctivitis—it spoils it for others. What I think most clubs do extremely well: encourage sport of conformation; help owner handlers, judges are professional to owner handlers. The clubs should respect owners as much as breeders. —William J. A. Sparks, Esq.


Outdoor shows: the grass not being cut. I have pulled from shows that have not prepared the grounds appropriately for my breed to be able to walk through. Cutting the grass is pretty basic.  For Indoor shows the only times I have been bothered is when the venue is really cold. —Anonymous


Bait on ground or floor and dogs allowed to relieve themselves anywhere. —Anonymous


Indoors:noise and too small venues. Outdoors: too little covered grooming space and too few or filthy toilets. —Anonymous


Outdoor shows often have inadequate parking on hard top surface and getting stuck in the mud as a result. Indoor shows have the issue of space versus the number of dogs entered. There is nothing worse that not having any space for a setup and everyone being squeezed beyond reasonable expectations. What I think most clubs do extremely well? Special attractions, when offered—always fun to participate in raffles, see demos, attend clinics. The clubs who traditionally offer such extra events always do a great job and make a show memorable beyond the time in the ring, and a place to come back to. —Anonymous


Outdoors: Ungroomed rings with bumps, holes, too long grass etc. Indoors: the noise. What I think most clubs do extremely well? Organize  the Show. —Anonymous


Outdoors: the mud, crowed aisles and not being allowed to pull a trolley with dogs under the tents to show! What I think most clubs do extremely well? Some are very good at helping handicap exibitors. —Anonymous 

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