What’s Made You Proud Of Your Fellow Dog Fanciers?


Name something in the past year that’s made you proud of your fellow dog fanciers.

Thank you to everyone who offered opinions on this month’s topic.
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They are starting to question some of the unconscionable breeding practices being done by supposedly reputable breeders, as they breed multiple litters a year in search of a confirmation show winner. —Anonymous

The combined response to the natural disasters this past year, fires, floods and landslides showed the world that we are all more than competitors in a sport but a family concerned with the welfare and safety of all. —Dr. John Ioia

In this day and age when we are all dealing with negative views by a lot of the public in a lots of ways, I was pleased to be privy to some interaction between handlers and the general public that took place at a recent dog show. I was sitting outside of the Cairn Terrier ring at one of the recent Celtic Cluster shows in York, Pennsylvania. There was a group of ladies sitting next to me enjoying watching a lot of the Terriers as they were shown that morning. They were obviously gate entry visitors. I had overheard a lot of their conversation about the various breeds as they each came into the ring. When the Cairns came in the ring it was apparent that at least one of them owned several as pets. They were in a discussion amongst themselves about the different colors of the breed and were perplexed about changes in coat color of their own dogs. One of the handlers overheard the discussion as well and turned toward them and proceeded to explain the changes that the coats/color went through in this breed—how grooming affected the color etc—before it was all said and done, there were three-four handlers involved in the conversation with these ladies as they waited their turn to present their dogs. Kudos to all of you in that ring that day that took a few minutes of your time to share knowledge with these visitors! I smiled when one of the ladies said afterward, “I am sure that some of those people that just spoke to us were on that Westminster dog show we watched on TV.” (she was correct). We need more of this type of interaction at the shows if we are to keep the public engaged in pure bred dog. —Linda Reece

October 2017, two (long-time) breed judges were competing at a regional specialty. When one hound was awarded Best of Breed, the other breed judge whom exhibited in regular classes, went to the other and shook his hand and gave a warm congratulations. A show of true sportsmanship stood above the more than 44 years of competitive natures. —Anonymous

Recently a fairly well known handler saw a new exhibitor with a nice dog but a poor grooming job. She helped the person make their dog look so much better. While competitors were asking, “Why would you help this person?” she said “Why not? That’s a nice dog.” She went about helping this lovely dog look even better by teaching the newcomer a little about grooming. I’m proud of that person and even prouder to say she is my handler. She wasn’t looking for praise when she did this so I won’t name her here but that was a stand up thing to do and I applaud her. —Cindy Knox

The amazing support of Tony Carter a handler and a wonderful friend to many. Last year he was diagnosed with throat cancer he had to go through extreme chemo and radiation the support from his dog show community was amazing they held a online auction to help support him when we could not show they send out thousands of prayers these were hundreds of people all dog show people and family of course who supported him and helped him get through this it showed how dog show people came together to help him.
—Laura Perkinson

Manatee Kennel Club donated a dog to the local police department and scholarships to two juniors and two 4-Hers. —Jo Ann

The number of show people who showed up at the hearings for NH Bill SB569 to testify in opposition to this animal rights bill was outstanding. Not only did they show up and sign in as opposed many took turns speaking and presented solid arguments against the bill encouraging its serious amendment in the house committee to better protect dog hobby breeders against being labelled as commercial kennels. It is worth fighting the animal rights fanatics to preserve our dogs! —Nancy Holmes

Helping each other with muscle so that a handler could get home. —Anonymous

When exhibitors make it a point to congratulate the winners. —Anonymous

An exhibitor that purchased a puppy from me that showed for the first time and won their first points on their dog.
—Mary Ellen Meyer

The one thing I’m proud about Fellow Dog fanciers is when someone is in need we band together! —M Aguillard

The interview on the today show with Mike Pitts when he won the show in Florida. —Anonymous

I couldn’t begin to list the number of things that make me proud of my fellow exhibitors. Day in, and day out…It’s the acts of kindness that are second nature to so many that make me proud. One of the biggest was when my handler was in a serious car accident on her way to a show and was stranded a state away. Other handlers dropped everything and like the cavalry came to her aid, loaded her and the dogs up and got her there. While her van was getting repaired, she was loaned a van. People helped her set up, show dogs and took care of her. Things like this happen every day, but sometimes we all get so tied up in negativity that we miss them.Want to see another example? How about the Facebook sites that have experienced breeders offering help to others. In the middle of the night, when an emergency hits-its incredible to see the depth of help that is offered and how many lives have been saved. I am always proud and excited to see others mentoring new people. Just watch at a show, you see it all the time. Growing up the next generation is seriously cool.
—Karen Hanson Labyrinth

Anytime I see someone help another exhibitor. Yes, we are all at the dog show to win with our dog(s), but please don’t stand by and watch someone struggle and not offer to help. Shows can get really crazy and hectic as we all know, be kind and considerate to each other, and lend a hand if someone is in need of help. —Julie L. Mueller 

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