Talewaggers Part 2 – Heartwarming Stories From The Dog Show Community

We love sharing stories that demonstrate the good side of the dog show community. This one comes to us from Michael Canalizo. Have a tale you want to share? EMAIL US and include "Talewaggers" in the subject line. 

Here is a story that underscores how special our friends in the sport can be. 

There was a year when most of the top dogs were in close battles to stay in those elevated positions. Naturally this often required lots of planning and the requisite travel it entailed. One of “us” was Tommy O. and his Siberian Husky—another was Mike and Linda Pitts with a super Parti-Colored Cocker—I was one as well. 

Out of nowhere Tommy had a medical emergency that took him for a loop. Part of his recovery meant he couldn’t drive a car for a good while. I know there were local breed friends that got him around to the area shows but to stay on top meant you had to fly at times. I know both Canalizo and Pitts would arrange to meet him and get him to whatever shows were close to where we were, many friends did whatever they could for him until he was cleared to drive. 

Who won was never the issue, I do think all three of us did garner the three top spots that year, it was a very emotional year end Top Dogs Awards Dinner! I know many in the sport that would do the same for anyone, anytime. I’m sure you’re getting a lot of those stories to share and remind us all of how much we actually do love and respect one another. 

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