The Real Cost Of Animal “Rights”

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Tired of hearing about Animal Rights? Yeah, me too but I’m intrigued by the back story that most hobby breeders and show people don’t know.


Everyone pays lip service to “fighting animal rights” but not enough of us are willing to spend time doing it!  Nah, we’re too busy trying to figure out how to advertise our next litter without prompting a visit from Animal Control. How did that happen? On the whole, show breeders are a pretty smart bunch of people. We research complex genetic combinations to find just the right outcross but do we use our organizational skills to protect our right to engage in a hobby or dog show business? Be honest. Say no.


Before you get your ruff up, admit it. Everyone agreed we “gotta do something about PETA and HSUS” but we didn’t. We assumed someone else was dealing with those pesky animal right whackos. We fooled ourselves into believing it wouldn’t affect us, never realizing that we were precisely who HSUS targeted from the git-go. Think back. Deliberately distracted by outrageously orchestrated PETA actions, we hardly noticed HSUS at a time when we might have stomped them like a cockroach.

We misjudged the real intent of the animal rights movement. Animal Rights was not to “save the animals”—it has always been a political agenda to control their owners.


Nearly 70% of American households own a dog or cat. That equates to over 200 million people who can be swayed as to which way they VOTE. As you go to the polls next month, carry voter I.D. in your wallet and this information in your mind…


Power-hungry animal rights strategists cleverly lead us to expend our feel-good energy fighting shadows. That keeps us from noticing that they, the animal rights activists, are gobbling up our Constitutional Rights.


Speaking of eating, HSUS targets any food-related enterprise that involves animals. The impact on the price of meat, eggs, and milk is incalculable. HSUS seizes livestock producers by the throat and chokes them into submission, not to help the animals but to increase their legislative impact on our food supply. For example, hitting below the belt, in fact, right in the gut—animal rights activists forced productive fields to go fallow in CA because of a 3" long fish that lived in the irrigation ditches. That single action forced over a thousand workers onto welfare—and caused produce prices to soar all the way to New York.


In August of 2014 the LA Times reported global food giant Nestle® Corporation “pledged broad new animal welfare standards for its worldwide suppliers.” Animal rights groups celebrated the largest food company victory to date, bragging that all of Nestle suppliers would have to “provide more space for farm animals and phase out controversial practices such as dehorning cattle, castrating animals without painkillers and keeping egg-laying hens in cramped cages.”


While we agree that livestock should be better treated, the cognizant understand that de-horning and castration is done to prevent serious injury from pasture fighting. Either procedure takes less than a minute and like tail-docking a puppy, the calf or goat squeals more at being restrained than from pain. The question here is; are you willing to pay the cost-per-pound increase if meat producers are forced to hire veterinarians to administer pain killers? What about the extra cost to hold each animal in the chute until the medication takes effect before performing the procedure?


“Animal Rights” laws have less to do with animals than with destroying our economy and political system. The goal is not to stop “torturing” food animals; it is to make them so expensive that we all become vegans! Meat protein is what enabled humans to evolve intellectually, in fact, wolves and dogs helped man evolve. So when you step back and look at the overall picture, including the Agenda 21 plan, animal rights is but one tool in a long term social project that requires the subjugation of society.


Consider this. My friends in CA are so intimidated by the thought of animal control learning they exist that they’re afraid to advertise puppies. Breeders studiously avoid the red flag term “puppies for sale.” Most have a website that implies that there might be a puppy available for “adoption”, thereby confusing a family that simply wants to buy a puppy. Dog breeders are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to protect their backsides. What an asinine picture of Animal Rights success!


Dog breeders, like meat and dairy producers, can’t hide their business in the basement. Our neighbors know we have dogs and if they are animal lovers who flaunt their “goodness” by supporting animal rights, you slink around trying desperately not to stir them up. You’re paranoid about zoning. Back when you bought that property, you were legal but then the politicians went to AR school and learned how to zone you out of the dog “business.” You even fudge with your vet about how many bitches you have. Well, then you better think twice about microchipping because today that becomes a public record of how many dogs you have, age, sex, etc. APHIS loves it!


Paranoia in, privacy out. Oh! And what about the outrageous increase in breeder-related veterinary costs such as sperm or ovulation tests? Many younger vets are graduates of the school of animal rights and it shows in computerized billings which support their beliefs. Another insidious cost of Animal Rights. 



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