The Vaccine-Diabetes Connection

From the monthly column "On the Line". ShowSight, November 2018 Issue. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE.

One thing pets and people have in common is vaccine overuse so as a dog owner or a parent with school-age children, you need to know how this can drastically impact your family a year from now.

I know, you’ve heard all about “vaccine damage” and “over-vaccination” but the soaring rate of diabetes is new. has a whole section devoted to the downside of vaccines but like all of us, it recognizes the value of human and animal vaccines. I don’t have to cite the eradication of polio, diphtheria, typhoid and in dogs, the number of dogs saved by rabies and parvo vaccines. We get it.

But what you may not know is the newly documented diabetes risks associated with over-vaccination and changes in the medical system that allows that to happen in both people and pets.

Dr. Harris Coulter stated in 2012 “The current data shows that vaccines are much more dangerous than the public is lead to believe.” I think you would give a big “10-4” to that. In his book DPT A Shot in the Dark, Dr. Coulter states, “The DPT vaccine was the start of the diabetes epidemic, however once the glucose metabolism pathway is rendered dysfunctional, then of course the sugary foods, starchy and genetically engineered cereal food-like particles are playing a part in the severity of diabetes and other diseases.” He made a bold summary statement “vaccines produce diabetes”.

World-renowned canine reproduction authority, Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, agrees “Vaccines are causing the epidemics of Type 1 Diabetes, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes/ Metabolic Syndrome.”

Okay, you’re thinking that is their opinion. Correct. But it is one shared by a growing majority of medical and veterinary professionals. said, “Both animal data and human data indicates that vaccines alter the risk of developing diabetes. Vaccines probably affect the risk of diabetes by modulating the immune system. The data in humans shows a strong association between immunization and the risk of insulin dependent diabetes (IDDM) Type I diabetes, an 
autoimmune disease.”

Is it the dog food? I’m smiling because that is one of the first questions we ask but evidence continues to mount in volumes of veterinary and medical press releases such as “the (diabetes) epidemic is occurring in other highly immunized mammals including grass fed horses”. Horses? When I had horses in the 70s, we had good pasture and supplemented that with oats. Vaccines were only tetanus (horses are always banging themselves on fencing) and maybe encephalitis. We never heard of yearly vaccines.

Summing up the problem with over-vaccination but adding a new twist, a prominent veterinary researcher offered this sobering observation “One major problem with vaccines is the “one dose fits all approach”, where in order to induce protection in the 1% with the weakest immune system you are over stimulating the immune system of the remaining 99% of the population and this is leading to epidemics of inflammatory diseases.”

Vaccines have prevented horrible human disease such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and smallpox but sadly, these medical advances seem to have created an onslaught of 20th century over-vaccination. The resulting increase in the diabetes rate in both humans and animals speaks loudly.

Today the medical community is awash with promotions for a new vaccine protocol. CNN, WebMD, Healthline; all major sites all carrying the same bottled message, i.e. TB vaccine “linked to”, “shows promise” and “leads to” “blood sugar improvement”, “better Type 1 diabetes control” and “shows promise against juvenile diabetes” etc.

I sure hope that is true because a PRnewswire release shows the rate of diabetes diagnoses in pets has “increased by 32 percent in canines and 16 percent in felines!”

So what is causing this epidemic-like increase in a heretofore unheard of canine disease? It is too much processed grain in dog food? I’m not a veterinarian but if he or she is literally “old school” (before many course materials were provided by vaccine and pet food producers) your veterinarian may have an answer. I do. Feed more meat and less corn and wheat. I have never had a dog with diabetes nor do I know anyone who has. I know people like you who take time to learn about canine nutrition and who know better than to over-vaccinate their dogs.

And that is the message. Thank science and big-minded veterinarians like Patricia Jordan, author of Mark Of The Beast and for concise “instant information” on the vaccine industry. Type II vaccine history in your search engine. One more thing, if your bitch is bred or due to be bred, be sure to see II Gestational Diabetes, also in 

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