Weelde CACIB show 2019

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Weelde, Belgium | March 16-17

Happy faces all over, the entry grew drastically from 1,371 dogs in 2018 to 1,769 this year. That makes a big difference! Could it be that people are finally finding their way to Weelde, which is a rather remote place? This former Nato base is no longer in use as such and all the halls for the jets are empty now. Imagine the space available for parking, often the nightmare for those who show. On the other hand, bases are never in the center of the city, not even close to where people live, and usually not signposted like a touristic place. But this is the third time it happens here and I think people start appreciating this place. Another factor for the rise in entries was without any doubt the fact that between Mouscron, the previous Belgian show and Weelde, there were seven weeks! No wonder showpeople are longing for another challenge. It is also obvious that the organization is coming close to automatic-pilot. They have a better idea now, what should be done better, what was OK and what could be left out. The heating was OK, it was good and warm and comfortable inside. Large battery lights were used to illuminate the main ring from all four sides. As the halls have no special facilities everything needs to be rented, from a bar to heating to toilets. And the latter is still a point of concern as the toilets are almost inaccessible for children and male people. That could simply be solved with a kind of stage build from wooden palettes. The same applied for the handwash installation, no way to wash them properly without leaving with wet sleeves. But for the rest, all was fine and 
well organized.

The dogs were entered from 14 different countries. Close to the border, it was kind of obvious that the Netherlands were best represented after the Belgians, 363 dogs! Germany too was far from bad with 128 dogs in competition, followed by France with 58 and the United Kingdom with 31. The rest of the foreign dogs came from all over Europe, three from Russia and even one from the United States. What the impact of British entries will be is difficult to predict. It will probably have at least minor negative consequences and I think that we will notice soon. I’m sure most British exhibitors who frequent the mainland regularly will all have voted against Brexit. What was once so easy will never be as before again.

Twenty Judges were responsible for giving the correct titles and placements. Mr. Arnold Jacques was one of the Belgian judges, but he was not present and his task was taken over by Mr. Dirk Spruyt who made his comeback after a long period of revalidation from a serious back injury after a fall from a ladder. He looked tired in the evening as the pain came back, but he managed to judge his breeds during the day and his groups in the main ring. Ireland and Belgium must have a special connection as again at this show, five judges from the Emerald Isles were invited. On Saturday Mr. Benjamin Sanchez Garcia from Spain finished with a top score of 104 dogs, all from the Terrier group. Mrs. Sinead Taggart from Ireland had a nice entry of 77 as had Johan Wulteputte from Belgium with 76, who had the third best score of the weekend with another 62 dogs on Sunday, including no less than 40 French Bulldogs. On Sunday her compatriot Mrs. Marie Butler finished with 119 dogs and made the best score of Sunday and the second-best score of the weekend. Tim Finney judged 77 dogs and he came along with his wife Marion to judge. They came over from Ireland too. And another compatriot was Mrs.Ahern Claire Ann who had 40 Chihuahuas and 24 Cavalier King Charles, 79 dogs on Sunday in total. Best Overall Score of the weekend was for Mrs. Tuula Savolainen from Finland. She had 170 entries, 112 of them on Sunday, all Spitz varieties. Mrs. Anja Push from Germany had all the Dachshunds on Sunday, a total of 74. Mrs. Myriam Vermeire had a remarkable number of 46 Great Danes, a breed that gains in popularity again. Mrs. Angie Cooper from England was invited to judge the Golden Retrievers only, but that was enough for 66 specimens, the best scoring breed on this show. Some breeds will always score high like Goldens and Labradors, but for the moment it is hard to tell which other breeds are standing out in popularity. Even the French Bulldogs are declining in numbers. If this goes on it is a good evolution. Popularity is always bad and weakens the breed.

Probably to celebrate his comeback, Mr. Dirk Spruyt was granted the honor to judge Best In Show. All breed winners had to be placed but one was missing on Sunday. Nad Julia from Germany won the third place with her Medium Size Poodle “Nice Steps For Me Only”, a four-year-old male bred in Latvia. He was judged by Mr. Jo Schepers from the Netherlands who also judged the group. On the second place came the Japanese Akita “Hiromitsu Q’Dai Go”, owned by Martens-Pittoors from Belgium. This male was entered in Champion Class and judged by Mrs. Tuula Savolainen from Finland. Myriam Vermeire made him Best of Group. Q’Dai Go is two years old and bred in Belgium. Best In Show went to the whippet “Proud Mary Da Roseira Brava” from Bart Scheerens. a three-year-old import from Portugal. Thirteen Were entered and judged by Myriam Vermeire. The group was judged by Mr. Johan Wulteputte.

The show ended well in time. If Brexit will influence this show next year its hard to tell but if people continue finding the way to this nice show in this excellent but somewhat remote venue, we will hopefully see the number of entries cross the line of 2,000 again. 

Best in show

Judge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (Belgium)

1. Whippet

Proud Mary Da Roseira Brava

Owner: Scheerens, Bart

2. Akita

Hiromitsu Q’Dai Go

Owners: Martens – Pittoors,

Geert – Paulien

3. Medium Size Poodle


Nice Steps For Me Only

Owner: Nad, Julia


Couples Saturday

Judge: Mrs. Vermeylen Saskia


1. Deerhound

Pierce & Proudmolly V.d. Tortelduif

Owner: Bosman-Van

Rooijen, Hennie

2. Italian Greyhound

Odina & Perelo Corsa Dell’oro

Owner: Geeraerts, Suzanne


Couples Sunday

Judge: Mr. Johan Wulteputte


1. Miniature Poodle


Nero E Bianco Q – Caesarion

& Iulia Caeseris

Owner: Vanzeer, Peter

2. Great Dane Brindle

Odilon Of Devoted Dogs &

Rupia-T Di Castelcampo

Owner: Vanhove, Silke

3. Tibetan Spaniel

Royal Beauty & Q-Pi-Do From

Corinty’s Home

Owner: Wittevrouw-Vangelder,

Ivan- Corinna


Group I

Judge: Mrs. Myriam Vermeire


1. Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren

Grimmendans Onero

Owner: Aertgeerts, Firmin

2. Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Ormai Toarmina

Owner: Gebruers, Cynthia

3. Schipperke

Oonah Van ‘t Soethuys

Owner: Van Assche, Brenda


Group II

Judge: Mr. Piet Roosenboom


1. Bordeaux dog

The Rock Wiki-bordeaux

Owner: Keizer, Richard

2. Newfoundland

Gunnersnewfs Austrian Love

Owner: Richardson, Dawn

3. Zwergschnauzer

Black and Silver

Otis Boanergos Flying Dragon

Owner: Siepmann, Ute


Group III

Judge: Mr. Gladic Goras (Serbia)

1. Scottish Terrier

Sir Darnley’s Zophisticated Zusan

Owner: Bichel-Schnock, Maren

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

Parastone’s Not For Sale

Owner: Marks, Paul F. M.

3. Irish Soft Coated

Wheaten Terrier

Extra’s Oxygen

Owner: Hoeks, Kim


Group IV

Judge: Mr. Sanchez Garcia Benjamin


1. Teckel Standard


Classika Iz Strani Grez 1

Owner: Droogmans, Heidi

2. Teckel Standard


Quickstep Fonzie Of Mister Quincy

Owner: Maes, Marianne

3. Teckel Miniature Wire-Haired

Mathias De La Legende D’Androcles

Owner: Declercq, Olivier


Group IX

Judge: Mr. Jo Scheperes


1. Medium Size Poodle


Nice Steps For Me Only

Owner: Nad, Julia

2. Lhasa Apso

Vivaldi Vd Pacific Paradise

Owner: Geraerts, J.m.

3. Pug

Pugbully Mr Flyer

Owner: Freudenberg, Judith


Group V

Judge: Mrs.Myriam Vermeire (Belgium)

1. Akita

Hiromitsu Q’Dai Go

Owners: Martens – Pittoors,

Geert – Paulien

2. Basenji

Faraoland On A Bed Of Roses

Owner: Alaerts, Alain

3. Miniature Spitz

Pommekes Resort Q-Tii Luna

Owner: Paulussen Maes,

Dirk Marleen


Group VI

Judge: Mr. Feyaerts Rudy (Belgium)

1. Bloodhound

Loamy’s Lane’s Quarterback Jack

Owner: Van Der Sichel, Linda

2. Basset Hound

Napoleon Of Lufon Royal Pride

Owner: Versluis, Rinus

3. Small Basset Griffon Vendeen

Joyeux Noël V. Tum-Tums Vriendjes

Owner: De Geit, Renate


Group VII

Judge: Mrs. Taggert Sinead (Ireland)

1. Hungarian Short-haired

Pointing Dog

Polly Van De Boterakker

Owner: Konings, Elke

2. Weimaraner short-haired

Coast Showdiva Of The Grey Noble

Owner: van Eck – Ruesink, Esther

3. Irish Red Setter

Queenstone Zizitop Tejas

Owner: Goossens, Brigitte


Group VIII

Judge: Mrs Ahern Claire Ann (Ireland)

1. Curly Coated Retriever

Lagune Love Don Juan

Owner: Ahlbrecht, Nikolai

2. American Cocker Spaniel black

Spécial Blend Zénith

Owner: Romanowicz, Eric

3. Spanish Waterdog

Ovidalina La Galea De La

Cuerda Floja

Owner: Vancraeyveld, Jeannin


Group X

Judge: Mr. Johan Wulteputte (Belgium)

1. Whippet

Proud Mary Da Roseira Brava

Owner: Scheerens, Bart

2. Saluki

Omaya Ter Dolen

Owner: Thunstrom, Asa

3. Borzoi

Chyerdak Kashmir

Owner: Soete, Deborah


Groups Saturday

Judge: Mrs. Vermeylen Saskia


1. Irish Wolfhound

Power & Elegance

Owner: Witt-Gross, Katharina


Groups Sunday

Judge: Mr. Johan Wulteputte


1. Tibetan Spaniel

From Corinty’s Home

Owner: Wittevrouw-Vangelder,

Ivan- Corinna


Junior Saturday

Judge: Mr. Johan Wulteputte


1. English Pointer

Hipoint True Love In Orange

Owner: Evi Bloemen,

Christ De Coninck

2. Border Terrier

Braeloch Riot In My Heart

Owner: Schepkens, Berthe

3. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Radosna Roza Van het Goralenhof

Owner: Jasica, Katja


Junior Sunday

Judge: Mr. Dirk Spruyt (Belgium)

1. French Bulldog

Bakervill’s Style Oh Boy

Owner: Van Raamsdonk, Chantal

2. Siberian Husky

La Dam Latea Némésis

Owner: Barracho De Melo – Juste,

Isabelle – Samuel

3. Shar Pei

Dragon Tale’s On The Floor Jay-lo

Owner: Deconinck, Linda


Puppies Minor Saturday

Judge: Mr. Feyaerts Rudy (Belgium)

1. Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren

Raycha The Red Dragon

Owner: De Haas, Ger

2. Deerhound

Hjon Of Redbrook

Owner: Demeester – Daelemans,

Johan & Kurt

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Red Princess Renée The

Dutch Jacks

Owner: Poels, Aurélie


Puppies Minor Sunday

Judge: Mr. Jo Scheperes


1. Tibetan Terrier

Amogasiddhi Rajah

Owner: Nies, Christel

2. Shiba

Rockabye Baby Of Wolf Point

Owner: Daponte, Nancy

3. Swiss Mountain Dog

Otto Des Cimes De Caras Galadhon

Owner: Peeraer, Alfons


Puppies Saturday

Judge: Mr. P. Roosenboom (Belgium)

1. Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Andvol Uno Momento

Owner: Gebruers, Cynthia

2. Whippet

Dejare Dream On

Owner: Reed, Deborah

3. Golden Retriever

Roxy Music Of Purdy’s Cottage

Owner: Coppens, Dorine


Puppies Sunday

Judge: Mr. Jo Schepers (Netherlands)

1. Pug

Mamma Mia Of The Pugs Story

Owner: Van Der Horn, Elvira

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Reynaert De Zandvijver

Owner: Declerck, Rita

3. Basenji

African Mystery’s Hakuna Matata

Owner: Arend, Erik


Veterans Saturday

Judge: Mrs. Mariette Vanherle-Stevens (Belgium)

1. Bouvier des Flandres

Jhuppa Von Gewdraa Oel

Owner: Thielemans, Suzy

2. Border Collie

Private Dancer From Forever Clever

Owner: Oostvogels, Wilfried

3. German Wire-haired

Pointing Dog

Vaycka V/d Tuindershof

Owner: Toorre Boen, Daisy


Veterans Sunday

Judge: Mrs. Mariette Vanherle-Stevens (Belgium)

1. Dalmatian

Solbo’s Lalicia

Owner: Van Mol – Van

Den Bosch, Paul

2. Teckel Standard long-haired

Zero Vom Hasenfänger

Owner: Patt, Jessica

3. Miniature Spitz

Jinaya Du Glissisbour

Owner: Schmit, Mélanie


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