What’s your number one complaint about the average outdoor dog show? Indoor?

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Survey Says: What’s your number one complaint about the average outdoor dog show? Indoor?




Outdoor shows are miserable if the weather isn’t good. Too hot, too cold, rainy, etc. 

Indoor shows are a pain if the facility isn’t large enough. Too cramped, no grooming space, crowded outside rings, etc.

—Lynn Roberts, CCPDT-KA


Being outdoors in the sun. Honestly I know it’s an outside show but it’s been getting a lot hotter in the summer time even up in Wisconsin where I live. 

After suffering muscle cramps, headache and just being sick at my last Waukesha show I decided that was it for me. Yes, I drank gallons of water. I saw a judge get sick dogs who were not happy. They had put out kiddie pools with ice and water for the dogs and we were all trying to do everything we could to keep our dogs healthy. Why hold a show over the hottest darn time of
the summer? 

Let me state I do not mind an outdoor show in the wind or rain or anything other than 90 degree temperatures with a blazing sun. I am just waiting for the AR people to jump on a show where dogs get sick from heat stroke. I know it’s becoming extremely hard to find venues for shows. I belong to four different clubs and there are issues but I hope to some day be able to attend more summer time shows in an environment better suited for me and dogs.



Outdoor: Port-O-Potties—not enough and not cleaned daily.

Indoor: Having to pay for decent grooming space and having people purchase extra grooming space so their children have a place to play.

—Christina Freitag


Fair judging, and shade for dogs (I have Newfoundlands,
they wilt).

—Becky Davis


Indoor shows, suitable size grooming area. If outdoors, take into account average weather for the time frame. No outdoor shows in summer months. Way too hot. Don’t enter them. If you are unable to find a suitable indoor facility, change the date.

—Amy Gordon


1. Bad bathroom facilities. 2. Poor lighting.

—Anne Barlow


Exhibitors that think dog shows should be silent. Dogs bark—get over it. Exhibitors that lie about barking dogs, exaggerating the length of time said dog is barking.

Finally exhibitors that think its okay to touch you on the shoulder when having a conversation about a barking puppy and calling you a liar when you weren’t even there the three hours they accuse you of allowing your dog to bark.

—Chrystine Longley


Outdoor shows on the dirt and in the heat. Indoor shows with grooming by the rings and small ring size.

—Stacey Johnson


Outdoors without level ground can be dangerous. Possible falling or twisting an ankle. Indoor, mats that are not laid properly or taped which causes a hazard. Poor lighting.

—Fran Feuerstein Marro


Outdoor: too hot in summer in the south. Indoor: Rings too small for good moving dogs.

—Darlene Pino


Indoor shows in the summer that do not have AC or airflow. Uneven ground outdoors like down hill. Indoor shows with no room for handicapped.

—Kaye Middler

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