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Showsight’s Ring Ready Magazine is the first and only publication dedicated to helping Owner Handlers and Breeder Owner Handlers successfully show their dogs in AKC Conformation.
Are you an Owner Handler or Breeder Owner Handler? We are proud to support and feature articles, interviews, and tips designed to help you win in the ring. Whether you are ruling the Bred By Exhibitor rings, or ranking for AKC NOHS points, you will find insightful and informative articles you’ll want to read and share.
Dr. Kate Bremser showing her English Springer Spaniel dog on a table, at a dog show

Interview with Owner Handler Dr. Kate Bremser

Interview with Owner Handler Dr. Kate Bremser. She shares her experiences as an Owner Handler ...

Greg & Phyllis Rodgers

Interview with Breeder/Owner Handlers Greg & Phyllis Rodgers

Interview with Breeder/Owner Handlers Greg & Phyllis Rodgers. They shares their experiences in the world ...

Owner Handler Daniela Bruhwiler at Windy City 2022 Einas Hound Specialty Best in Show NOHS

Interview with Owner Handler Daniela Bruhwiler

Interview with Owner Handler Daniela Bruhwiler. She shares her experiences as an Owner Handler in ...

dog show learning

Layers of Genuine Learning That Can Happen at a Dog Show

The exciting part about dog shows is that there are multiple opportunities of learning, ...

Mara Flood

Interview with Breeder/Owner Handler Mara Flood

Interview with Breeder/Owner Handler Mara Flood. Mara shares her experiences as a Breeder/Owner Handler in ...

Ring-Ready Magazine

September 2022 VOL. 2 NO. 9 – ON SALE NOW

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ring ready owner handler

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