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The Owner Handler: Valerie Schluter

You can say that I was born into it. My mom bred Cane Corso ...

How to Rise to the Top 20 Percent – When You Are Among the 80 Percent Majority

The Westminster Kennel Club announces the following changes to its judging panel for the ...

The Breeder | Owner Handler Dr. Tracie Laliberte

Showsight asked Breeder / Owner Handler Dr. Tracie Laliberte her thoughts on showing her ...

Owner Handler Profile: Lihi Ruvio

You can say that I was born into it. My mom bred Cane Corso ...

Q & A with Lee Whittier the Dog Show Mentor

The SHOWSIGHT family is pleased to introduce readers to Lee Whittier and the exciting ...

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Ring-Ready LIVE! with Dan Sayers & Lee Whittier

How important is it for owner handlers to understand their breed’s standard? In this week's session, Dan & Lee will be exploring why it is important for Owner Handlers to have a firm grasp on their breed's written standard. For breed-specific presentation, the standard is the ultimate "how-to" guide. Find out how you can utilize your breed's standard to enhance your odds of winning in the show ring.

Posted by Showsight – The Place for Purebred Dogs with Purpose on Wednesday, May 12, 2021