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How the Quality of Your Dog Affects Your Win Rate

If you have a better dog, you can win more, right? But there are ...

International Kennel Club of Chicago Specialties & Judges

International Kennel Club of Chicago – Judges & Specialties

IKC announces judges & specialties for the The Windy City Cluster, held January 6-8, ...

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Endowment Effect

Endowment Effect – Do Our Eyes Deceive Us?

Endowment effect has been studied and proven to be a very real behavioral anomaly. ...

Latent learning in dogs

Doing It ‘All’ – Latent Learning in Dog Training

Find out what "latent learning" is and how to apply it in dog training. ...

Crowdsourcing - It Pays to Pay Attention at a Dog Show

Crowdsourcing: Utilizing the Dog Show Crowd

Opportunities for learning is available at every dog show, especially for those whose ultimate ...

AKC Group Realignment

AKC Group Realignment …Again?

Detailed examinination of the the various reasons for and against realignment of the AKC ...

Excited colleagues celebrating-success in Sport of dogs together

How Do You Define Success in Sport of Dogs?

Those of us who compete in the various sports of purebred dogs, know that ...

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purebred dog show advertising

purebred dog show advertising