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Table of Contents
ShowSight Dog Show Magazine
July 2018

On The Cover: BIS MBISS GCH Tintan Mata

10 From The Publisher

11 Table Of Contents

16 Showsight: From The Executive Editor Emeritus
Joseph Neil McGinnis III

40 Becoming
Jacqueline Fogel

46 Breeder Interview
Allan Reznik

66 The Seven Secrets To Show Success
Michael And Cathy Dugan

82 Folding Chair Forum
Dan Sayers

86 Bryn Mawr Kennel Club Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards

98 On The Line
Barbara “Bj” Andrews

108 The Portable Library
Dan Sayers

114 Lines From Linda
Linda Ayers Turner Knorr

142 World Dog Show
Karl Donvil

166 Survey Says
If You Had To Choose A Different
Breed Other Than Your Own — What
Would You Choose And Why?

174 Staten Island Kennel Club Candids
Photos By Jean Edwards

178 Woofstock Cluster Candids
Photos By Richard Paquette

188 Letter To The Editor

196 The Cairn Terrier
Various Guest Experts

204 The Cane Corso
Various Guest Experts

210 The Japanese Chin
Various Guest Experts

218 The Scottish Terrier
Various Guest Experts

237 The Vizsla
Various Guest Experts

252 The Miscellaneous Group
Various Guest Experts

257 The Foundation Stock Service
Various Guest Experts

270 National Specialty Review
Various Guest Experts

278 Talewaggers – Heartwarming Dog Show Stories

280 More Talewaggers

282 Index To Advertisers

284 Advertising Rates


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