The Pumi is a compact, quick, and fearless sheepherder capable of moving flocks on the narrow roads connecting the pastures of western Hungary. At a glance, it might be hard to believe that this cuddly charmer was born to do such tough work. With his coat of corkscrew curls, circular tail, expressive ears, and distinctively whimsical look, the Pumi is also a lean, deep-chested herder with a seemingly endless capacity for work and play.

Pumik and the sheep on a farm.

A Best-Kept Secret

Discover the world of herding with Pumik: a unique journey into farming with Hungarian ...


The Pumi’s Whimsical Expression

The muzzle, dark eye, black pigment and nose, and high-set, semi-erect ears covered with ...

Pumi playing outside

Pumi Colors: The Pumi Is A Solid Color

Pumi colors: Black, Gray, Silver Gray, White, Born Gray, Born Brown. Pumi markings: Brindle ...

2 pumi dogs sitting

Pumi Coat – Texture & Grooming

Key breed characteric of the Pumi is a coat with curly locks of hair. ...

Purebred Pumi

Purebred Pumi | Once a Pumi, Always a Pumi

Purebred Pumik are attractive, whimsical creatures. With their “cute ears and funny look” they ...

Purebred Pumi

Purebred Pumi | Experts Speak Up

We asked the following questions to our friends in the purebred Pumi Community. Below ...

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