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Who We Are. Who We Serve. Why We Love Dogs!

SHOWSIGHT is a trusted resource for people who care about dogs and what they bring to our lives. Since 1992, we have been a leading voice for responsible dog breeders and exhibitors who value the preservation and promotion of purebred dogs. What began as a small collection of breed-focused magazines has expanded to become one of the most influential 300-plus page all-breed monthly print magazine, online, and mobile destinations catering to the interests of all dogs and the people who love them.


For more than 30 years, SHOWSIGHT has reached more devoted dog people than any other media outlet serving the purebred dog community. SHOWSIGHT was founded in a community that is preservation-minded, health conscious, success-oriented, and passionate in all pursuits. Our readers represent breeders, exhibitors, trainers, groomers, handlers, and judges in America and around the world who are committed to the highest standards of care. Through their support, we have grown from a small cottage industry to become a leading voice in the ever-expanding dog services marketplace. Over the last few years SHOWSIGHT has expanded its focus that has included a growing number of companion and performance events known collectively as dog sports. Now we have become a lifestyle destination for everyone who loves dogs, from the dog-loving family to busy singles who have opened their homes and their hearts to a canine companion.

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Unlimited access to, SHOWSIGHT digital magazine, subscription to SHOWSIGHT E-Newsletter, and more.


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