Bichon Frise

A good-size Bichon will stand a shade under a foot tall at the shoulder. The breed’s glory is a white hypoallergenic coat, plush and velvety to the touch, featuring rounded head hair that sets off the large, dark eyes and black leathers of the nose and lips.

Bichon Frise standing on a carpet

The Bichon Frise – A Summary of the Breed Standard

Summary of the Bichon Frise Breed Standard, detailing its grooming, movement & temperament. Learn ...

Wendy Whittle of Calvada Bichon Frise

Wendy Whittle | Calvada Bichon Frise

Wendy Whittle is the breeder behind the Calvada Bichon Frise. Read about the kennel's ...

Judging the Bichon Frise

Judging the Bichon Frise

Judging the Bichon Frise - As you stand in the ring with your judges ...

Bichons Frises | Mimi Winkler

Mimi Winkler | Judges Choice Bichons Frises: Interview about her interested in breeding and ...

Sturdy and Resilient Bichon Frise

When asked to write an article discussing the Bichon Frise, I thought to myself, “What ...

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