Scottish Terrier

A solidly compact dog of vivid personality, the Scottish Terrier is an independent, confident companion of high spirits. Scotties have a dignified, almost-human character. Their terrier persistence has earned the breed the nickname “the Diehard.”

Danica Burge

Dr. Danica Burge | J-Mar Scottish Terriers

Dr. Danica Burge is the breeder behind J-Mar Scottish Terriers. Read about the kennel's ...

Kelli Edell

Kelli Edell | Kelwyn Scottish Terriers

Kelli Edell is the breeder behind Kelwyn Scottish Terriers. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

Scottish terrier on a leash with his owner.

Scottish Terrier – This Lovely Fire

Dive into the Scottish Terrier's essence with Evelyn Kirk's "The Lovely Fire," enriched by ...

Two Scottish Terrier dogs lying on the grass

The Scottish Terrier Front

The front of the Scottish Terrier is important to understand and appreciate correctly. The ...

Kari Hill showing her 2 Scottish Terriers

Kari Hill | Charthill Scottish Terriers

Kari Hill is the breeder behind Charthill Scottish Terriers. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

scottish terrier black coat

Scottish Terriers – Judge the Coat, Not the Colors

The hard and weather-resistant texture of the Scottish Terrier coat is essential for its ...

Scottish Terrier Standard

Scottish Terrier Standard

The history and subsequent development of our Scottish Terrier standard has followed these expectations. ...

Purebred Scottish Terrier's Head

Purebred Scottish Terrier’s Head

The Scottish Terrier in Word and Picture - Purebred Scottish Terrier's Head. By Kathi ...

Judging the Scottish Terrier

Judging the Scottish Terrier| Science has been described as ever lurching after exactitude, and ...

The Breed Specific Examination of the Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier Club of America requests that all judges of the Scottish Terrier ...

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