Russell Terrier

Upbeat, lively, inquisitive, and friendly, the jaunty Russell Terrier was developed by England’s “Sporting Parson” for use in foxhunts. The adorable Russell Terrier looks like a plush toy come to life but is an eager, tireless working terrier.

Candance Lundin

Candace Lundin, DVM, MS | D.B.F. Russell Terriers

Candace Lundin is the breeder behind D.B.F. Russell Terriers. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

Side photo of a dog respresenting the correct Russell Terrier Breed Type

Correct Russell Terrier Breed Type

Discover the true essence of the Russell Terrier breed type. Learn about its origins, ...

The Russell Terrier

From the November 2018 Issue of ShowSight. Click to Subscribe. The Russell Terrier originated ...

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