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About Us - Showsight Magazine Team and History

Dogs Are Our Passion

ARAMEDIA GROUP is passionate about dogs. Our celebrated publications are seen by more people than any other dog show publication. SHOWSIGHT reaches a global audience in the hundreds of thousands through print and digital distribution—with individual impressions via social media reaching over 100,000 followers.


Celebrating the World of Dogs

When it comes to celebrating the world of dogs, dog shows, and the people dedicated to breed preservation, ARAMEDIA GROUP is “Best in Show.” Since 1992, SHOWSIGHT and its companion publications have been featuring the diversity and unfailing loyalty of more than 200 recognized breeds. Through lush photography and award-winning editorial, SHOWSIGHT conveys the beauty of a photo journal, the impact of an influential daily, and the lasting impression of a collector’s edition.


Community Matters

Aramedia Group connects people who are dedicated to the highest standards of dog care. Our community is success-oriented and passionate in all pursuits. Comprised of the most devoted breeders, trainers, exhibitors, groomers and caretakers, SHOWSIGHT readers understand that to achieve a high level of excellence in the sport of dogs, commitment and perseverance are essential.

Our readers are involved in their local communities and travel extensively to more than 22,000 dog events throughout the year. Whether at home with their dogs or out-of-town winning a Best in Show, SHOWSIGHT readers appreciate quality and value in the goods and services they consume. Our readers are brand loyal and purchase in bulk. From pet-friendly hotels to outdoor camping gear, and recreational vehicles to pet-friendly hotels, our community likes to GET OUT and experience what life has to offer.

Approximately 1.5 million dogs are entered in US dog shows every year. Over the past 12 years, exhibitors have increased their dog show spending by 138% and spend an average of $320 each weekend. Purchases include travel expenses and dining experiences, clothing and luggage, hunting and camping gear and, of course, dog food and treats, toys and accessories.


Brand Advertising

ARAMEDIA GROUP publications reach an audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands. SHOWSIGHT has established connections within the dog show community, and built strong, long-lasting relationships with consumers who are dedicated to the welfare of all dogs. Our readers connect intuitively and emotionally with brands that are credible, and they remain loyal for the long-term. They understand value and they understand consistency.

SHOWSIGHT readers also understand performance. Although they are devoted, our readers are not above trying something that’s “new and improved.” Our audience is quick to embrace products and services that offer a new twist on an old favorite. A good first impression will often translate into consumer loyalty that can be tracked, measured and targeted.

Our Brands

ARAMEDIA GROUP publications are distributed at prominent national and international events and mailed directly to dog club members, dog show judges, AKC Breeders of Merit, and exhibitors of the nation’s top-ranked show dogs. Each print and digital publication is designed for increased advertising and wide-ranging reach. Our ultra-premium print magazines provide a rich experience for our readers, and our online products extend immediate access worldwide. For dog lover everywhere, our talented team of expert writers provides exclusive editorial, essays and commentary that always entertains and informs. SHOWSIGHT is a celebration, dedicated to the passionate people who care about the world of dogs.


June 2024 Vol. 32 No. 6

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