Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a tough and tenacious cattle mover native to the Swiss Alps. These vivacious, active workers are independent problem-solvers and happiest when they have a task to complete. Entlebucher Mountain Dogs are cattle dogs with a long, muscular back. They have alert, pleasant faces, small, strong legs, and a stunning black, white, and tan coat. To reach their greatest potential, energetic Entles need a lot of exercise, family time, and guidance. This powerful, self-assured, herding dog may be intimidating to inexperienced dog owners.

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs dogs measure 17 to 21 inches in height, while bitches measure 16 to 20 inches, at the shoulder. The usual weight range for males is 50 to 65 pounds. Females come in the weight range of 40 to 55 pounds.

Most Entlebuchers are healthy dogs, with the life expectancy being 11 to 13 years.

Recommended Health Tests:

  • Patella Evaluation
  • Hip Evaluation
  • PRA Optigen DNA Test
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Before the advent of industrial agriculture, Swiss cattlemen developed four kinds of Alpine mountain dogs famed for their stunning tricolor coats to move and defend their herds. The largest of these is the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, while the smallest and fastest is the Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

The Entlebucher, or “Entle” for short, gets its name from the river Entlebuch valley, where the breed first appeared. The main duty of these cunning cattle dogs was to drive their charges up to high mountain pastures in the summer, watch over the herd during grazing season, then move them back down into the valley for the winter. They were also used as all-purpose farm dogs and guard dogs. The moniker “the Laughing Dog” was given to the breed because of its love of life and labor in general.

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