The Keeshond is a square, sturdy companion descending from the same ancient stock as other spitz types, such as Pomeranians and Samoyeds. Typically “spitzy,” Keeshonden have a foxy face, pointed ears, an abundant coat, and a plumed tail carried high over the back. A unique breed characteristic—and one of the most charming hallmarks in all dogdom—is the “spectacles.” These shadings and markings around the eyes give the impression that a Kees is wearing designer eyewear. The specs draw attention to an alert, intelligent expression.

Joanne Reed's Windrift Keeshond

Joanne Reed | Windrift Keeshond

Joanne Reed is the breeder behind the Windrift Keeshond. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

Owner Handler Jeri Kissling with her Keeshond dogs

In the Ring With Owner Handler Jeri Kissling

Insights from an Owner Handler, Jeri Kissling. Read about her opinions on various topics ...

Keeshond's Correct Structure

Keeshond Traits | How to Examine a Coated Breed for Correct Structure

Keeshond Traits | The Relationship Between Structure and Movement in the Keeshond - How ...

Purebred Keeshond

Purebred Keeshond Versatility

While purebred Keeshond owners and breeders always knew that their dogs were eager to ...

Are Keeshonds really ‘Neatniks’?

Where do you live? What is your occupation? How many years in dogs? Do ...

The amiable Keeshond

Contributed by Joanne Reed, Windrift Keeshond I am writing this article to help judges new ...

Well-balanced, short-coupled Kees

Handy Tip To Know #1 Also, pause and ask yourself, “Which of these dogs ...

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