A powerfully large Hungarian flock guardian covered in profuse white cords from head to tail, the Komondor is among the world’s most recognizable breeds. The independent and protective Kom requires a firm, experienced hand at training.

Komondor sitting outside in the snow

Komondor – Livestock Guarding Dog

Komondors are livestock guarding dogs. Although there are many more of these noble breeds, ...

Komondor head photo

Komondor Coats: Puppy to Maturity

Adult Komondors, well groomed, have amazing corded coats. The mature adult coat might weigh ...

Man and Komondor dog outside

How Can Komondors Have a Light & Leisurely Gait?

Under its unusual coat, the Komondor is a regular dog that should have regular ...

Azteca | Joan Liebes

Azteca | Joan Liebes

Interview with Working Group Breeder Joan Liebes - I purchased my first Samoyed and ...

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