German Pinscher

The sleek, no-frills German Pinscher is among Germany’s oldest breeds and the prototype of other pinscher breeds. This energetic, super-intelligent dog was at first used as a rat catcher but can be trained for all types of canine work.

Amy Issleib with her dog.

Amy Issleib | Temerity German Pinschers

Amy Issleib is the breeder behind Temerity German Pinschers. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

German Pinscher

The Vivacious German Pinscher Personality

German Pinscher standard characterizes the breed as having a vivacious personality. They are spirited ...

German Pinscher Cropping Docking

German Pinscher | Cropping and Docking

German Pinscher - Cropping and Docking | The middle and lesser-known Pinscher, the German ...

German Pinscher

German Pinscher – A “Vivacious” Character

The purebred German Pinscher is historically known for its working abilities as a ratter ...

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