English Setter

The English Setter is a medium-sized sporting dog of sweet temper and show-stopping good looks. It is one of the AKC’s four British setters created to work on the distinctly different terrains of England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Dr. Jill Warren with her English Setter dog

Esthete English Setters | Dr. Jill Warren

Dr. Jill Warren is the breeder of Esthete English Setters. Read about the kennel's ...

Lori Whorff with her Camellia English Setters

Lori Whorff | Camellia English Setters

Lori Whorff is the breeder behind Camellia English Setters. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

English Setter Dog Breed - Sporting Group

English Setter

English Setters at their best are beautiful dogs. Their elegance and structure serve them ...

English Setter Dog – Feathering of Good Length

The General Appearance section of the English Setter dog Breed Standard calls for “feathering ...

English Setter Standard | Traits of a Moderate Setter

English Setter is often described as moderate. In fact, our English Setter standard specifically ...

The English Setter: A Well-Balanced Hunter

Thank you to the editors of ShowSight Magazine for highlighting the English Setter, a ...

English Setters Today

One of the oldest gundog breeds, English Setters date back to at least the ...

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