The Otterhound is a large breed of dog developed in England to hunt otter. The hunting of otters was practiced because they were preying on the fish in the rivers and streams. Otterhounds were used in packs to protect fishponds and control the otter population.

Otterhound breeding puppies

Breeding Your Otterhound – OCA Recommendations

Breeding is a huge commitment. As Otterhound breeders, we are responsible for all puppies ...

Purebred Otterhounds

Otterhound Colors and Markings

Otterhound's many color combinations: Black and Tan, Wheaten, Tri-Color White or Off-White with patches ...

OHeavens Otterhounds | Nancy & Karmen Lange

OHeavens Otterhounds | Nancy & Karmen Lange

Interview with Hound Group Breeders - Nancy & Karmen Lange - OHeavens Otterhounds - ...

Picking Otterhound Puppy

Picking an Otterhound Puppy

Sometimes they are exhausting, but they do make good workers. So, what do I ...

Purebred Otterhounds

Purebred Otterhounds | The Undoodles

Purebred Otterhounds are an old breed of Scenthounds with wiry outer coats that are ...

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