The Pekingese is a well-balanced, compact dog of Chinese origin with a heavy front and lighter hindquarters. Its temperament is one of directness, independence and individuality. Its image is lionlike, implying courage, dignity, boldness and self-esteem rather than daintiness or delicacy. It was one of several breeds created for the ruling classes of ancient China. These are sophisticated dogs of undying loyalty and many subtle delights.

Head photo of a Hyacinth Pekingese

Patti H. Pytlak | Hyacinth Pekingese

Patti Pytlak is the breeder behind Hyacinth Pekingese. Read about the kennel's beginnings, the ...

Pekingese head photo

Pekingese Examination on the Table

Examining Pekingese on the table is similar to the examination of other breeds. Judges ...

Deja vu Pekingese - Susan Farrer-Shephard

Deja vu Pekingese ROM-S | Susan Farrer-Shephard

Interview with a purebred Pekingese breeder Susan Farrer-Shephard of Deja vu Pekingese Kennels, by ...

The Pekingese Examination, puppy pekingese

The Pekingese Dog – Examination by an Expert

It is not acceptable to open the mouth on a Pekingese, unless the judge ...


Pekingese Club of America 2022 National Specialty

The Pekingese Club of Texas hosted the Pekingese Club of America’s National Specialty on ...

The Age of Rover | A Conversation with Michael Hill

The Age of Rover | A Conversation with Michael Hill

The Age of Rover | A Conversation with Michael Hill. Who would have thought ...

Living with Pekingese

Living with Pekingese | For me, and for most Pekingese enthusiasts, living with Pekingese ...

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