The Basenji is a small, short haired hunting dog from Africa. It is short backed and lightly built, appearing high on the leg compared to its length. The wrinkled head is proudly carried on a well arched neck and the tail is set high and curled.

Interview with Kim Byrd, breeder behind the KISA Kennel

Kim Byrd | KISA Kennel

Kim Byrd is the breeder behind the KISA Kennel. Read about the kennel's beginnings, ...

Judging the Basenji

Judging the Basenji

Unlock the secrets of judging the Basenji breed with our comprehensive guide. Learn about ...

Basenjis outdoors together

Basenji Colors and Markings – From Standard to Rare Coats

Learn how the colors originated and changed through time, and see what are considered ...

Signet Kennels | Brenda & Ciara Cassell

Signet Kennels | Brenda & Ciara Cassell

Interview with Hound Group Breeders Brenda & Ciara Cassell - Signet Kennels - We ...

Square like a Basenji

Square like a Basenji

Now, as a relative old-timer, I think of “Basenji square” as being much like ...

Proportionally Speaking: The Square Basenji

Proportionally Speaking: The Square, Agile African Basenji

Proportionally Speaking: The Square Basenji | Having found myself, accidentally, the President of the ...

Susan Kamen Marsicano

Apu Basenjis | Susan Kamen Marsicano

Allan Reznik sits with breeder Susan Kamen Marsicano of Apu Basenjis to discuss their ...

The Basenji Today

Above photo: Fugzu We asked the following questions to our friends in the Basenji ...

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