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The world’s most influential purebred dog magazine since 1992.


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SHOWSIGHT is the top magazine sought by purebred dog enthusiasts. Filled with stunning showcase advertisement of top-winning show dogs, our award-winning editorial explores the stories, knowledge, and experience of the world’s top breeders, handlers, groomers, AKC Judges, and influential members of the dog fancy. Our readers and drawn to the coffee-table quality and overall design aesthetic of our publication but compelled to read each page cover to cover for insightful articles that include:

• Breed History

• Canine Health & Nutrition

• Breeder Kennel Interviews

• Club News & Interviews

• Life with Dogs

• Breed Judging Standards

• Breed Surveys

• Dog Show News

• NOHS & Junior Handlers

• Grooming & Handling Tips

• Training / Conditioning Tips

• Dog Sports & Therapy Work

• Puppy Training Tips & Resources



SHOWSIGHT readers include the most influential members of the professional dog community. Our readers are committed to the preservation of purpose-bred, purebred dogs. They are breeders, owners, professional handlers, groomers, trainers, veterinary professionals, and active AKC Judges who have been involved for 25+ years. Many of our readers earn their living by working in the sport. Others are affluent, empty-nesters who enjoy traveling the country in their RV, enjoying the outdoors, and the good life with their dogs. Most own multiple dogs and dogs are the main focus of their lives. They make daily sacrifices to give their dogs their best life and will invest top dollar to ensure their dogs have the best of everything. Dogs and participating in dog sports is their passion.



Our readers are the “experts” on dogs in their community and peer networks. They are the ones you call when you have a dog question, they are the ones you trust when they give a recommendation. An endorsement for a product, treatment, or training technique from one of our readers potentially reaches thousands of other dog owners via word-of-mouth. We have a strong relationship with our readers, we are part of their community and are able to connect brands with influencers in unique ways.

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Dog Advertisement - advertise show dog - dog advertising

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