Adrian Ghione & Nicole Torre | Tango Portuguese Podengo Pequenos

Adrian Ghione & Nicole Torre | Tango Portuguese Podengo Pequenos


Interview with Adrian Ghione & Nicole Torre, Breeders of Tango Portuguese Podengo Pequenos

Where did each of you grow up?

We both grew up in very different parts of the world. Nicole grew up in the North Bay area of California, in a town called Santa Rosa, while Adrian grew up in Argentina.


Do you come from doggy families? And if not, how did the interest in breeding and showing purebred dogs begin?

Nicole: Yes, I grew up in a doggy family. My grandmother was into dogs and my mother bred Doberman Pinschers my whole childhood. As a child, I always helped with the dogs and grew up working in the kennel. I always helped with whelping, raising, and socializing the litters, too. I spent most of my weekends going to dog shows, coming home from school during the week to help in my mom’s grooming shop and with the kennel she had. My mom bred about three litters of Dobermans a year, and I was quite involved with the whole breeding process.

Adrian: No, my family did not own a purebred dog until I was 16. My journey began in Obedience and competitive Agility with an Akita. After realizing the need for a mentor, I took a job as an assistant to a local handler and started working my way toward the show ring, and eventually, the whelping box.


Who were your mentors in the sport? Please elaborate on their influence.

Nicole: Professional handlers Corky and Sue Vroom were the most influential mentors I had when it came to the business of the sport, but when it came to breeding, it was my mom, Katherine Torre, and her co-breeder, Michelle Santana of Foxfire Dobermans. They were the ones who showed me the ins and outs of why they bred this bitch to that dog, and then how to take care of a pregnant bitch and raise a litter of puppies. They were my mentors in breeding Dobermans. Another mentor was Marjorie Brooks of Manorie Kennels who taught me everything I know about breeding Dachshunds and introduced me to hand-stripping. Tammy Myers of Medley Manchester Terriers was another mentor of mine who taught me a lot about breeding Manchesters.

Adrian Ghione