Dog Shows

Showsight Magazine is a publication that provides information on dog shows, such as news, results, photographs, and insights from members of the dog show community, such as breeders, owners, handlers, exhibitors, AKC judges, and much more!

Every week, we receive information, results, and photographs from dog shows that have been held all throughout the United States. We cover all events that are sanctioned by the AKC, from the major National Specialty dog shows down to the smaller regional competitions.

San Joaqin Kennel Club Dog Show

San Joaquin Kennel Club Dog Show | Lodi, CA

Ringside photos and dog show candids from San Joaquin Kennel Club Dog Show which ...

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Endowment Effect

Endowment Effect – Do Our Eyes Deceive Us?

Endowment effect has been studied and proven to be a very real behavioral anomaly. ...

Barbara Dempsey Alderman: The Loss of a Legend And Those Darn AKC Groups Realignment Questions

Crowdsourcing: Utilizing the Dog Show Crowd

Opportunities for learning is available at every dog show, especially for those whose ultimate ...

AKC Group Realignment

AKC Group Realignment …Again?

Detailed examinination of the the various reasons for and against realignment of the AKC ...

Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show

Burlington Wisconsin KC Dog Show | Photos & Info

Ringside photos and candids from this year’s Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show which was held on 8/1 ...