Hound Group

Most hounds share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting. Some use acute scenting powers to follow a trail. Others demonstrate a phenomenal gift of stamina as they are relentlessly run down quarry. Beyond this, however, generalizations about hounds are hard to come by, since the Group encompasses quite a diverse lot. There are Pharaoh Hounds, Norwegian Elkhounds, Afghans, and Beagles, among others. Some hounds share the distinct ability to produce a unique sound known as baying. You’d best sample this sound before you decide to get a hound of your own to be sure it’s your cup of tea.

Jerri Gates with her Cirneco / cirnechi

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Harrier dog jumping over an obstacle - Hound group

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Ocerico Sloughis | Erika Wyatt

Ocerico Sloughis | Erika Wyatt

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Majenkir Borzoi Kennel | Karen Staudt-Cartabona

Majenkir Borzoi Kennel | Karen Staudt-Cartabona

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