Dog Show Community

THE BUBBLE: The Perfect Storm

Explore the challenges in the dog show community: Popularity of doodles, decreasing AKC breeders, ...

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr honored

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr Honored

Linda Ayers Turner Knorr honored by GKC for her 72 years in the dog ...

Dave Helming with CH Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch Cove (Josh) Best in Show at Westminster in 2004.

Remembering Dave Helming

Remembering Dave Helming: Celebrating the profound legacy of theWKC Chairman, breeder, and tireless advocate ...

Lee Whittier, author of the article, Redefining Dog Show Attire: Embracing Comfort, Individuality & Tradition

Breaking Boundaries

Elevate women in dog shows: Updating AKC code for recognition and equality. Discover the ...

David Helming Profile Photo

SHOWSIGHT Mourns the Passing of Dave Helming

Dave Helming, WKC Show Chairman, has passed away. A pillar in the purebred dog ...

Dad and child with a Golden Retriever

Traditional Chinese Medicine Dogs?

Explore the ancient link between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dogs, and how it ...

Family, Friends, Collies and More Making Memories in Connecticut

Hartford-Springfield Collie Specialty Weekend: a blend of rich history, passionate enthusiasts, and the beauty ...

close up of paper people on white background

It Takes a Village

AKC titles are diversifying, with more events for enthusiasts. Newcomers need our support. Let's ...


The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Unpack the changes in news and dog shows, resilience in tragedy, and the rebirth ...

Showing Dogs Can Be a Lot Like Dancing

LET’S DANCE! Showing Dogs Can Be a Lot Like Dancing

Step into the enchanting world of dog shows where handlers and canines create captivating ...

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