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Five Must-Visit Places You Can Take Your Dog This Summer

Working Group Dog Breeds - Rottweiler on the beach

Five Must-Visit Places You Can Take Your Dog This Summer

Summer is upon us, and while it is important to keep your dog safe in the heat, especially depending on where you live¬, there are many dog-friendly places where you can safely enjoy the season with your four-legged friend.

And there’s a multitude of things to do that span the length and breadth of the entire country!

Here’s a look at five fun-filled places you can visit with your dog this summer.

Hot Springs Bark Park – Hot Springs, Arkansas

In addition to Hot Springs being considered one of the best places in America to visit in the summer (or any time of year) because of the town’s natural attractions, Spa City also has a special destination known as the “Hot Springs Bark Park” which is designed just for Fido.

Bark Park, designed specifically for off-leash fun, is located in the vicinity of the famous hot springs themselves and across from Hollywood Park, a family-friendly destination. Bark Park originally opened in 2010 as the area’s first dog facility of its kind, and the property stretches over two acres and features separate areas provided for small and large dogs.

The park, which is opened year-round, also incorporates asphalt walking paths for enjoying adventures through the scenic Arkansas woodlands. One thing that can be appreciated during a hike here with your dog (depending on your dog’s interest) is the abundance of wildlife to be encountered along the trails and throughout the park itself.

Martin’s – Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida, is well known for its many tourist attractions and for being an overall premier destination for anyone looking to simply “get away from it all.” But this tropical island also just so happens to be one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States, and one thing people love just as much as the island’s sun-drenched beaches are its many dog-friendly bars and restaurants.

One of the most notable of these is Martin’s, a favorite of locals and tourists alike for more than three decades. What makes this stylish standout so distinctive in a place that’s well known for its restaurants is that well-behaved dogs are welcome. Martin’s has an upscale, European elegance, so foodies with furry friends can have the best of both worlds.

One of the most appealing things about Martin’s, in addition to its chef-inspired menu which features everything from Beef Wellington to Yellowtail “Capri,” is its beautiful patio. It’s the perfect spot for anything you’re planning, including dinner with your dog.

Cherry Creek Trail – Denver, Colorado

Few places in America are as renowned for the area’s mountain scenery and natural landscape as is the colorful state of Colorado. In fact, one of the more popular things to do in this Rocky Mountain state is trail hiking. The opportunities to stretch your legs (and those of your four-legged friends) are bountiful here, especially in and around the city of Denver.

For anyone with a dog and a desire to explore the great outdoors, Denver is a doggy paradise. Among the Mile High City’s many perks are the abundance of outdoor (and indoor) places that welcome dogs. According to USA TODAY, it is estimated that Denver has roughly nine dog-friendly accommodations per resident, and about nine restaurants per resident that welcome dogs.

Listed among the city’s most highly visited hiking areas is Cherry Creek Trail. This creekside pathway is a multifaceted destination for outdoor explorers and their dogs, crossing a number of local attractions including Cherry Creek Mall, Four Mile Historic Park, Denver Sister City Parks, Denver Country Club, and Cherry Creek Country Club. Also located in the vicinity are the Cherry Creek Dam and Reservoir, Confluence Park, and Wazee Street, which is the exit and entrance point to Coors Field. Talk about places worth exploring!

Tennessee Brew Works – Nashville, Tennessee

For tourists looking to travel to a more inland destination, Music City has always been among the nation’s more popular landing spots for music (and dog) fans. For visitors looking to get more of a dog-friendly vibe in a city centered around moonshine and country music, one of the best destinations to “get your paws on” is Tennessee Brew Works.

Not only does this brew pub offer a multitude of beverages to choose from (for the beer aficionado this includes IPAs, Belgians, and Stouts), covered seating is available outdoors that’s suited perfectly for furry companions. Tennessee Brew Works is rated five stars by its visitors, who frequently note in their reviews the number of friendly encounters they have had there, how many dogs they saw, and how well suited the place is for accommodating canines.

In addition to having typically tame weather in even the worst of months (as compared with some other regions of the US), the city of Nashville has plenty of walking trails for dogs and an estimated 612 veterinary offices per 100,000 residents, according to USA TODAY. These stats make this Tennessee town an incredibly safe and stimulating place to visit with a dog or two in tow.

Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach – Jupiter, Florida

Nothing says “paradise” quite like the state of Florida. The Sunshine State’s 1,350 miles of coastline offer dozens of dog-friendly beaches, and among the very best (especially in a vacation setting) is the Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach. With 2.5 miles of sandy beach, this is a great place to watch your dog frolic in the sun and surf.

Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach starts at dune crossover marker No. 26 and extends northward to dune crossover marker No. 57. Parking is free and there are restrooms and showers for washing off sandy feet and paws. There are several designated areas where dogs can walk, play, or swim, though owners should pay close attention to beach areas where dogs are not allowed. When bringing a dog to the beach, it’s important to make sure to bring water, a water bowl, a towel, toys, and sun protection for both you and your dog.

Wherever you choose to visit with your dog this summer, you should assume all risks and make sure your dog is properly vaccinated and accustomed to being around other dogs. This is especially important during off-leash adventures and while dining at a restaurant. And remember, leaving pawprints in the sand is okay but it’s important that your dog doesn’t leave anything else behind!