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Kennel Club of Philadelphia Donates Over $300,000 to 14 National and Local Dog-Related Organizations

PHILADELPHIA — The Kennel Club of Philadelphia continues to share the success of its Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show television event for the past 22 years, once again putting generous donations totaling more than $300,000 back into its world of people, dogs and more.

The AKC Humane Fund, the AKC Canine Health Foundation and Take The Lead head the list of charitable recipients, with $330,500 going to 14 national and local dog-related and pet-related organizations, as well as organizations supporting people in need. “We have worked hard to make our show a success for the club and for the sport and, ultimately, for dogs and people everywhere in this country,” said KCP President Wayne Ferguson. “Speaking for our members, and our great partners NBC and Purina, we are all proud to be able to share that success with so many.”

  • KCP is pledging $100,000 to the AKC Humane Fund to be directed to five scholarships of $10,000 each over two years ($50,000 in 2024 and $50,000 in 2025) for University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School students.

The AKC Humane Fund ( provides funds to help support pet-related organizations, provides resources to educate the public about responsible dog ownership, and celebrates the human-animal bond. This funding comes in the form of scholarship and financial assistance programs, and non-profit grants providing support for domestic abuse shelters and for pet welfare, breed rescue and health. Also, the Humane Fund’s annual Awards for Canine Excellence honors dogs for making significant contributions to an individual or entire community.

  • The AKC Canine Health Foundation will receive a donation of $100,000 continuing KCP’s longtime support.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation ( supports canine health research. The AKCCHF is dedicated to advancing the health of all dogs and their owners by selecting, funding and monitoring grants for scientific research, and supporting the dissemination of health information to prevent, treat and cure canine disease.

  • Another longtime charitable KCP partner, Take The Lead, will also receive a donation of $100,000.

Take The Lead ( provides direct services, support and care for people in the sport of purebred dogs who suffer the devastation of life-threatening or terminal illness. TTL’s mission also includes providing temporary emergency assistance to those affected by civil disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes and the like. During Covid-19, TTL assisted in insurance premiums for people in need. Take The Lead relies upon membership, donations and fundraising events held
around the country.

The club made donations to 11 additional organizations.