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Pumi Coat – Texture & Grooming

2 pumi dogs sitting


The Pumi’s coat is “a combination of wavy and curly hair, forming corkscrews or curls all over the body” and “in order to achieve the characteristic corkscrews and curls in the coat, the hair is allowed to dry naturally.”

There is only one line written in bold italics in the Pumi standard: The coat must never appear fluffed and blown dry, obscuring the characteristic curls.

A key breed characteric of the Pumi is a coat with curly locks of hair. A blown dry coat cannot have the characteristic curls and locks of hair that go all the way down to the skin.

Pumi Coat

Pumi Coat

The adult coat to the right is exceptional quality and one for which breeders strive. Not all coats will bethis tightly curled, but it must be curled and form the locks of hair. Puppies typically have very little of the harsher hair (of the required 50% hard and 50% soft hair mixed together) which may not appear until they’re 2-3 years old, but it still should have some curly locks. The curls typically vary in type all over the body.

Pumi Coat

It is never OK to blow dry the hair for exhibition. The dogs should be bathed a week or so prior to the competition to allow the oils to return to the coat, helping to form the locks of hair. Bathing removes those oils, and blowing them dry results in an uncharacteristic coat that more resembles the coat of a Poodle than a Pumi.

If a judge cannot tell if an exhibit has the correct coat for the breed because it’s been blown dry, it is then lacking a key breed characteristic and must be faulted for that.

Pumi Coat
A Pumi Coat That Has Been Blown Dry
Pumi Coat
Examples of Good Coats and Curls
Pumi Coat
Leg Hair Has Different Types of Curls



Are you looking for a Pumi puppy?

The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase one from a responsible breeder. Not sure where to begin finding a breeder? Contact the National Parent Club’s Breeder Referral person, which you can find on the AKC Breeder Referral Contacts page.


Want to help rescue and re-home a Pumi?

Did you know nearly every recognized AKC purebred has a dedicated rescue group? Find your new best friend on the AKC Rescue Network Listing.


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