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a bowl of dog food on a wooden floor

No Weigh!

Explore the problems of traditional dog weight assessments and discover the accurate 'Tissue Tent ...

Girl in glasses holding a puppy

The Truth About Breeding Dogs (It’s More Than Preservation!)

Breeding dogs: from preservationists to scientists, artists, and anthropologists. Dive into the multifaceted roles ...

World Dog Show 2023

2023 GENEVA FCI World Dog Show

Recap of the Geneva 2023 FCI World Dog Show. Dive into the heated competition, ...

manchester terrier running on grass

Life With Manchesters

Explore life with Manchester Terriers: A journey of elegance, agility, and unwavering loyalty. From ...

pug head photo

What is a Pug?

Discover the Pug's ancient origins and endearing qualities. From Chinese emperors to modern homes, ...

beautiful air bubbles in the drink

The Bubble: Where Have All the Show Dogs Gone? Now We Are Asking!

Dog show entries are declining due to factors like AKC registration shifts and vet ...

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