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The Westminster Kennel Club Unveils New Website Ahead of 148th Annual Dog Show

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The Westminster Kennel Club Unveils New Website Ahead of 148th Annual Dog Show

New York, NY, March 20, 2024 —The Westminster Kennel Club is delighted to announce the stunning transformation of its website, bringing users a revamped and user-centric online experience like never before. This comprehensive redesign reflects Westminster’s commitment to excellence and addresses the evolving needs of their valued community.

With a more intuitive and streamlined navigation, the new Westminster Kennel Club website makes it easier than ever for users to find the information they are seeking. The changes are not merely cosmetic; they are designed to enhance functionality, readability, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction. With a focus on user experience, content has been strategically organized, ensuring quick access to the latest updates and details about the upcoming 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, as well as a wealth of historical information, imagery, and videos from the rich legacy of Westminster.

The reimagined website was designed and developed by Westminster’s partners at Very, an end-to-end IoT development firm that delivers cutting-edge technology services to their clients and, ultimately, the end-user.

“The collaboration between Westminster Kennel Club and Very has been remarkable,” said Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very. “We’re honored to have had the opportunity to partner with such an iconic brand for a second time and help them make such a transformational technology shift for their organization.”

Later this month, Westminster will launch a brand-new blog, adding an exciting new dimension to the redesigned site. This blog promises to deliver engaging and entertaining content, keeping users connected to Westminster and the dog show world.

“We can hardly contain our excitement and hope that people visiting the website love it just as much as we do. The new site is a testament to our commitment to providing a top-notch digital experience for our cherished community,” said Dr. Donald Sturz, President of The Westminster Kennel Club.

Whether you’re a seasoned dog show exhibitor, a devoted canine enthusiast, or a first-time visitor, the redesigned Westminster Kennel Club website aims to be your go-to destination for all things related to the sport of showing dogs, as well as the longstanding bond between humans and dogs.

Visit the newly transformed site at