Doing It All: Handling Secrets

Imagery is the art of visualizing how to run a course and practicing that performance mentally before going to the line. Here I am ‘practicing.’

Discover the secrets to success in dog sports and boost your handling skills with positive self-talk and mental imagery.

Be Strong!

Purebred male belgian malinois shepherd dog running in the lake water with a red toy in his mouth.

Strength is needed in every dog sport, from Conformation to Earthdog and all the sports in between. Strength is also strongly correlated with increased longevity in dogs, and we all want that! Many people think that the best way to strengthen their dogs is to take them for a walk. However, although walks provide excellent […]

FCI European Dog Show 2023

FCI European Dog Show 2023 Best in Show winner

Experience the excitement of the FCI European Dog Show 2023 with stunning photos & show results. Comprehensive coverage of the event!