Breed History

Working with preservation breeders and dog breed parent clubs, Showsight Magazine is proud to share the rich history behind today’s top pedigrees. From their humble beginnings, through the most troubled war times the history of purebred dogs is as vast as it is fascinating. We hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes we’ve gathered from the most honored and widely recognized voices in the purpose-bred, purebred dog community.

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The Plott | A Hound of a Different Color

The Plott has his own unique look among the scenthounds for a good reason. ...

The Long & Winding History of Scenthounds

The wide variety of scenthounds probably has a history just as ancient as the ...

Ancient Breed | The Sighthound Genetic Analysis

Ancient Breed | Genetic History of Sighthounds

Ancient Breed | Genetic History of Sighthounds: What do the Chihuahua and the Saluki have ...