Breed History

Learn about breed history and origins of every AKC recognized purebred dog. Working with preservation breeders and dog breed parent clubs, Showsight Magazine is proud to share the rich history behind today’s top pedigrees. From their humble beginnings, through the most troubled war times the history of purebred dogs is as vast as it is fascinating. We hope you enjoy the insights and anecdotes we’ve gathered from the most honored and widely recognized voices in the purpose-bred, purebred dog community.

Do you have photos or stories to share about your beloved breed? Please send them to, or click this link to submit them online.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne running towards the camera

Basset Fauve de Bretagne

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne is truly a versatile little hound from France. Known ...

History of the Japanese Chin

Far Eastern traditions shroud the Japanese Chin's origin. Small dogs traveled the Silk Road ...

Japanese Chin standing on a rock on beach

The Japanese Chin Historically Speaking

Most historians agree, the Chin was first present in China; however, its long history ...

Italian Greyhound head

Italian Greyhound – History Information

The breed originated in the countries known today as Greece and Turkey. Learn more ...

Manchester Terrier playing on the beach with a ball

Manchester Terrier – Breed History & Characteristics

Manchester Terriers are considered among the earliest known Terrier breeds with mentions in history ...

Azawakh Dog – Breed Info & Characteristics

Azawakh dog breed information. Learn more about the breed's origin and purpose, appearance, colors, ...

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