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Breeding Dogs to Win




This book is perhaps the single best reference that you will need when it comes to producing high quality award-winning dogs. Based on research and experience, this state- of-the-art book offers 70 illustrations of easy to use information. The text begins by anticipating the type of information most dog breeders will need. It avoids the jargon of the scientist and is presented in a very readable format. Each chapter builds on the next and shows the reader how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of pedigrees in a clear and easy-to-understand style.

It begins by addressing many of the misconceptions commonly found in dog breeding and genetics. It explains how the novice or seasoned professional can take the guesswork out of breeding. It discusses the problems of: Predicting traits most likely to occur in puppies Gathering information about ancestors Pedigree analysis & the quality of information Popular stud dogs & brood bitches The focus then shifts to the process necessary for selecting sires, dams and the resultant offspring that should be saved for future breedings.

By learning how to study and analyze pedigrees, you’ll learn WHAT strengths and weaknesses are likely to occur and how to find the best breeding partners. Specific chapters are devoted to the “Stick Dog and Color Chart Method” which serves as a guide to making improvements in conformation.

A following chapter on the Symbols Pedigree focuses on how to make improvements in health, temperament and other specials traits needed to improve herding, obedience, hunting and working dogs. When combined, these chapters improve the breeder s chances of making better decisions, thus saving time and money. Additionally, there are over seventy illustrations which include photographs, charts, tables and illustrations to demonstrate exactly how to utilize this system. Rounding out this comprehensive guide is information on: Coat pigmentation Breeding alternatives Diseases Analyzing information and avoiding dogs with little promise The challenges of a good record-keeping system.

What Experts Say About the Book:

“Dr. Battaglia has a keen power of observation and understanding of dog structure, movement and genetic selection. This, combined with his ability to communicate in a clear and articulate manner, provides the reader with the tools needed to make informed breeding decisions.”
~Jerold S Bell, DVM, Clinical Associate Professor of Genetics Department of Clinical Sciences, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

“Dr. Battaglia, in his book Breeding Dogs to Win , has created a renaissance product, covering the spectrum from the principles of Mendelian genetics to the practical concepts of a good canine breeding program. The book is very readable because he has avoided the jargon of both scientists and dog breeders. There is something for everyone interested in breeding better dogs. His breeding program sets the standard for those serious about producing the best puppies possible.”
~Ralph J. Graff, M.D. Director of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory, Saint Louis University Medical Center